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The concept of time-3 of time:-
In previous post, i mentioned about this phenomena. Let discuss it. Will try to find, how your watch goes behind to some given conditions. Behind not 'slow', the word slow means moving ahead at a minimal speed.Here it means going behind,but not in terms of length in terms of time. So using the word slow might not be appropriate.
Imagine to your limit to some colossal rather astronomic figures.Did?Thanks,now let's start ,though it needs some calculations,but if i do that most of my readers may get bored with it,even annoyed also.So allow me to put the results only. Suppose you're riding an Einstein train along an endless railway track,at a speed of 240,000km/sec,setting your wrist watch(that designer one) with the clock of the boarding station.your destination? Let 864000,000km. away.The clock of that station shows same time with the boarding one. How much time it will take to reach the destination, relative to the station clock? Simple…