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Photos Of Princess Uttara of Cooch Behar & Maharani of Kota

She is the last living member of ruling ancient Narayana dynasty of Cooch Behar.It will be much unfortunate that after her the direct linkage with the dynasty,will be extinct. Daughter of prince Indrajitendra Narayan ; and princess Kamala of Pithapuram.She is the present Rani Sahiba of Kota, Rajasthan, w/o multifaceted human Maharaja Brijraj Sing  of Kota.

Seen greeting the invitees of her ladies party on the eve of Navarati festival 2013, at Kota,with her daughter-in law Kalpanadevi

Princess Uttara,The Last of Cooch Behar Royals

The last of direct family member of 'the great Narayana dynasty, who ruled  the erstwhile kingdom of Cooch Behar Princess Uttara., Daughter of prince IndrajitendraNarayan and Rani Kamala,elder sister of last crowned king Virajendra Narayan.Now Maharani of Kota, Rajasthan.Seen talking with guests, at her ladies tea party on the eve of Navaratri festivals,at Kota.

An erudite royal lady, done her graduation with a specialty in English literature. Wife of a multifaceted, historian, actually a very big man Maharaja. B. R. Sing of Kota.She is the last surviving person in the world who can claim the COB palace of her own. Pray to Madan Mohan for a long, healthy, peaceful life of her.

Nirupam Ghosh
Cooch Behar

Birth of North Bengal State Transport Corporation

The founder of North Bengal State Transport Corporation;one of the oldest of its kind in India, and the oldest in Bengal (pre independence). In a bright sunny first April in 1945,the war ravaged world saw the
Birth of "Cooch Behar State Transport" todays North Bengal State Transport Corporation.
His highness Lt.Col.Jaggadipendra Narayan,inaugurated 'Cooch Behar State Transport' before council house, under the statue of King Nripendra Narayan. On the north bank of Sagar die .It was just after world war- ll, Maharaja was in full military uniform.Among others L.M Boxi  I.A.S. Mr. H.M. Alexander Engg., Kali Banerjee Engg, were present. Maharaja flagged off two busses one to Tufangunj another towards Pundi Bari. This modest beginning, rose like almost a massive banyan tree in socioeconomic and cultural life of North Bengal, especially in Cooch Behar, Jalpaiguri, Malda and both Dinajpur. Not mere a transport organization, transporting people; but deeply rooted and interwo…

My Homage to Gurudev Tagore

My humble tribute to 'Rabi Thaur' the magical phenomena which is guiding and nurturing Bengali life from birth to death since last 150 years.
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Mohanta -Elokeshi scandal of late 19th century

The Mohanta-Elokeshi scandal was a much talked,greatly publicized matter in that era of1870sincalcutta. In the absence of cameras and tv the Kalighat potterypaintersfilled the gap. with their masterfulexibition of arts and crafts on earthen pots,depicting the whole story. 'via Blog this'

Ami apon koriya chahini tobu Tumi to apon hoyechho

This  immortal sensitive song was sung by Asha Bhosle for film ;Megh Kalo'.Which was incredibly lipped and blossomed the underlying feeling of  sense of loosing something which was craved for,but the fate and social prohibitions disallowing her to embrace it, by one and only "Suchitra Sen" the Greta Garbo of Bengali cinema.Don't forget the splendid performance of her co-star  "Basanta Chowdhury".

This is my one of favorite song hope you will enjoy it,   source of the song-YouTube.

Royal Elephants of Cooch Behar Raj

CoochBehar Raj family always had a very strong herd of royal elephants in royal stables(pilkhana).The area atcoochbehar town still known aspilkhana,this days here lives humans with their ever lasting cry for home,food and land.The herd at any instance was over seventy or eighty. Mostly during hey days of Cooch behar Raj, the times of the most famous king of the dynasty H.R.H. Col. Nripendra Narayan. 'Debraj' was the biggest of them.more than ten feet in height, semi albino with long tusks,the intelligent bull was perfectly trained to carry  Maharaja on it's back.Debraj had total control of the herd.He was the most efficient and trustworthy companion for Maharaja, in every Sikar (shooting) expeditions of  the king  himself and with his colonial lords and friends. There were many other very good quality elephants of both bulls and cows in the pilkhana,having interesting names such asRatan Prasad, Bhup Bahadur,Nur Zehan,Sikunder,Kamakhya Prasad,Debraj,Jung Prasad, BijliPrasad…

Some rare pictures of King Nripendra Narayan's sikar(shooting) camps

To the peoples of Cooch  Behar and to the peoples interested in this erstwhile koch kingdom's history also to the future students of Cooch Behar history. This is my humble presentation towards them.I would appreciate and love to hear your impressions and comments or to +919475832445.  If you like these? I will be encouraged to post more and more about Cooch Behar. Thanks. Nirupam Ghosh:Cooch Behar