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Uttara Devi's Visit To Cooch Behar


Birth centenary celebration of Maharajah Jagaddipendra Narayan of Cooch Behar

The yearlong birth centenary celebration of His late Highness Lt.Col.Maharajah Jagaddipendra Narayan of Cooch Behar; shall be inaugurated on 15th December 2014. The event is being organized by 'The Khastriya Society of Cooch Behar'. Maharajahhimself was the founder president of this society, and chaired till his sad demise in 1970. The venue of the inaugural function is scheduled to take place, at Maharajah Jitendra Narayan( M J N) stadium; adjacent to the famous Rashmela maidan, Cooch Behar.

To much delight of all Cooch Beharites and his erstwhile subjects. The inaugural festival, is going to be illuminated by the sparkling and graceful presence of Her Highness Maharani saheba Uttara Devi of Kotah, along with the celestial star , her husband and the Maharajah of Kotah Brijraj Sing.The multifaceted,towering person, the Maharajah, the aviator, the national champion shooter, the historian, the artist, three times member of parliament, member and chairman of various state and un…

River fishes of COB region-2

Following are some more river fishes of Cooch Behar region

Nirupam Ghosh  Cooch Behar

River Fishes of Cooch Behar Region-1

Nirupam Ghosh

A Hindu Bengali ritual "SAADH' or wish'

The ritual of SAADH or wish performed according to Hindu Bengali rites for pregnant women. Mainly from the parental side. The first one is performed on the fifth month of pregnancy, the Panchammrita. Second on the seventh month the Saptammrita. These two are mainly for wishing the well beings of the would-be mother and her unborn child.  And has to observe the rules according to the Hindu religion. It requires the priests to conduct the whole episode. This is a totally female conducted ritual, the males have no role except for arranging the materials for it. The main ritual is performed on the ninth month of pregnancy. When menus, as per the SAADH or wish of the pregnant woman, (actually the favorite dishes of her) is served. New dresses are given to her. To the fulfillment of her wish. Hundreds of years ago, when the ritual came in vogue had a different meaning. Marred with great sublime fear. The seriousness of that meaning has almost faded now. Thanks to the advancement of medical …

Heritage Sites of Cooch Behar