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story of an unknown indian part-3

b.k neogi as usual gave lot of advices, dos do not s to the new entrant.but the most interesting & thrilling among
those were 'do not venture out of your bungalow after the sun sets,make sure that all your jobs/requirements are complete before dark, always keep your six battery torch(given by garden management) in a very good working most extreme necessity shout loudly to the chowkidars(security guards), and wait till they morning come out only after the siren is given.' these were enough to make him shaky. though hearing all this, a thin sense of chill started crawling through his spine,but the thrill of possible future adventurous life;over powered the chill feeling. he was posted in a division of that tea garden,it was comparatively remote to the main division. where leopards, karakuls, rouge bison,different types of venomous snakes plays hide and
seek with the tea laborers. but when the sun sets they don't require to hide at all.rather there te…