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Hemanto Mukherjee - Prangone mor shirish sakhai in Ek tuku chhoa laage -...

My most favorite Tagore song, sung by my favorite singer Hemanta Mukherjee.
"In spring the fully blossomed tender branches of rain tree, in my courtyard
swinging slowly with gentle breeze.Tirelessly blossoming with unknown 

enthusiasm in evening when birds are calm,woods silent.Every day that full
blossomed  tree asks me a whispering question "Did she came? Did she came?"

'Sandu Narayan Gupta' a lawyer of note,from Cooch Behar

This year the cooch behar bar association is celebrating their 125th year anniversary.A very warm and hearty wishes to them, for a grand success of their event.It's obvious and fact that during that one and quarter century long journey, they have earned many laurels not only in the judicial arena,but they had significant impact to the society as a whole, for it's much needed reforms and well being.
   Pioneer of them was "Sandu Narayan Gupta".Who was instrumental to ban 'sutte practice' in cooch behar.All we know that that this heinous practice was banned and made unlawful in India;by Lord William Bentick in 1829.Outcome of an intense,tenacious fight against it,from Raja Ram Mohan Roy,whom pundit Jawhar lal Nehru was ably decorated as 'first modern man of India'. He faced every possible opposition from the then conservative heads of Hindu society against his noble mission.
   Cooch Behar in that age was very much medieval in culture and not under …

The Tiny black 'White Throated Fan Tail' of Cooch Behar

This tiny black very busy wrabblers(don't know the original name) nested,in a china rose bush,in the little kitchen garden;situated at the back of my house.It was the third time within a span of  four and half months,they have nested in my kitchen garden.First time i noticed them in a branch of the cherry bush.Whenever i went to the garden to pluck cherries,this parents immediately got excited making sharp high pitched  'Tiap,Tiap,Tiap" quick calls, flying like missiles around my head.I become sure that they have nested here,and trying to drive me out from there to save their chicks or eggs.I began searching,with little effort i found their nest with three chicks. Didn't disturbed them anyway, but kept a close look on them.Found they were  small insect eaters.These three chicks flew on there own within twenty days, after they hatched.Again after twenty days or so,i found there new nest on branch just side of the previous one.There were three chicks,this time also.Bec…

Part 2--Days of Maharani Sunity Devi at Cooch Behar


Before she, the maharanis of cooch behar were strict purdah ladies. As described in her own words "It may be my weakness or strength,i have altered my position in this respect a little; I do see people if urged." and she did that quite graciously.She was much suspicious about her acceptance in the Royal house hold, ran by the Queen Mother,Who did opposed vehemently,to get her son the king Nripendra Narayan married through 'Bramho' rituals and actually had hot exchanges with Sunity's mother.That nearly, repeat nearly broke down the marriage.At a point when all these bitterness were going on, the annoyed young king closed him self in a room;shut the door ordering his horse be in ready position and allowed to call him only when the news was affirmative to marry Sunity ;unless he shall leave his kingdom in horse back by dawn.But the saying "matches are made in heaven" was proved again.The "two"united in a life long bond.Memories of that b…

Days of Maharani Sunity Devi at Cooch behar

First she came to Cooch behar in 1878,for her marriage ceremony with king Nripendra Narayan of cooch behar.Her marriage was quite an episode.A burning much talked issue throughout then Bengal
Mostly because of the bride and groom were from different religion, she was Bramho and he was a Hindu.Remember that was 1878.
When the rays of modern education in India only began                            
  to illuminate some selected portions of society,the masses were deeply plunged in to the sea of prejudices,illiteracy,customs.That needed herculean efforts to loose the Gordian knot.Governor,Lieutenant Governor of Bengal, commissioners,other British officials,Raj Durbar officials,pundits,priests,reverends,dewan last but not the least the rajmatas, committed to save Hindu marriage rituals,with the help of Dewan Cullika Dasdutt.They succeeded to postpone the first auspicious hour in the evening settled for the marriage,lights off,concert silenced,masses gathered hushed.But the defiant succu…

A Hindu Bengali Marriage(Rana&Pinki)

The Bengali marriage is an unique execution of  Hindu rituals,being performed since thousands of years. Recitation of sacred Vedic hymns from family priest,under floral arbour veiled with planten plants,earthen pots filled with auspicious water mango twig on it and green coconut a top. Placed in four corner of the arbour. In between bride and groom the oblation fire with glow of molten gold, offerings of wood apple leaves,flower petals, sandal powder, Sal wood resin(dhup),drops of pure butter oil. each of them offered separately,with separate hymns .Curls of of oblation smokes carrying aromatic vapour of all these creates an unearthly magical atmosphere,easily developing life long bonds between two unknown souls. Presence of grooms party of relatives and friends,along with brides family and neighbours, in her house makes the marriage a carnival
of all ages.This auspicious ritual was started from the hands of noble Vedic sage 'Swetketu'  son of Maharswisi(great saint) 'Ud…

Cooch behar My native place-2

The architect of modern Cooch Behar                                                                                                   

                 The pioneering product of
                   Bengali female education

Cooch behar,the name first found in'Ahom Burungi"(court records) of then Ahom kings(present day Assam).Way back in 12th century.In this post i will concentrate on His Royal Highness Nripendra Narayan.The architect of modern present day Cooch Behar.he ascended the throne at the age of 'one'.
He was the paternal grand father of 'Maharani Gayetri devi' of Jaipur. After the 1773 Cooch Behar-Bhutan war; Cooch Behar state lost it's sovereignty to East India co. In a bid to free their captive king Dhyairendra Narayan,from the hand of Bhutanese. East India co helped with troops and ammunition commanded by Col.Hedayat Ali of Danapur,Bihar. He defeated Bhutan army and released the captive king of Cooch Behar.
Since then Cooch Behar became…


Google: "Baro vaisa-Baro Vaisa" (means the the largest antelope in the world, Indian Gaur or Bison named in local tribes vocabulary. Baro Vaisa or the big buffalo as they call it) a continuous instigating loud cry, enraged my auditory system. Totally disrespecting the last minute preparation of English paper,of a candidate,who was preparing for school leaving board exam. After almost thirty three years i can vividly recall the happenings like video show.The horrific natural, cent percent true life experience. Which etched in my memories permanently.I shouldn't be alive to blog this to day,thanks to a domestic buffalo,allowing me the chance. It was 17th January 1976 morning about 7.30am.
I was taking coaching attentively from my private tutor. My reading room was in the eastern most corner of my dad's wood bungalow with masterfully weaved grass tops,having a big window facing south. I was seating adjacent to the window keeping that left of me. It was full winte…