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Days of Maharani Sunity Devi at Cooch behar

First she came to Cooch behar in 1878,for her marriage ceremony with king Nripendra Narayan of cooch behar.Her marriage was quite an episode.A burning much talked issue throughout then Bengal
Mostly because of the bride and groom were from different religion, she was Bramho and he was a Hindu.Remember that was 1878.
When the rays of modern education in India only began                            
  to illuminate some selected portions of society,the masses were deeply plunged in to the sea of prejudices,illiteracy,customs.That needed herculean efforts to loose the Gordian knot.Governor,Lieutenant Governor of Bengal, commissioners,other British officials,Raj Durbar officials,pundits,priests,reverends,dewan last but not the least the rajmatas, committed to save Hindu marriage rituals,with the help of Dewan Cullika Dasdutt.They succeeded to postpone the first auspicious hour in the evening settled for the marriage,lights off,concert silenced,masses gathered hushed.But the defiant succu…