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Hii.. this is Nirupam from cooch behar,west bengal.this is my first post to world.i am greatly up bit to find me here.winter has set in to our place,
flowers pumping their petals to sky,horny bulls every where.its a festive mood all together.come n see our place,you shall find it worth to spend.the real jungles around us slowly getting busy hosting picnic parties.i am finding myself irresistible towards the call of the jungles,
also the horny bulls tempting me to think illegals,gods forbid.go merry and happy in this festive mousam.

ADDED ON 17/07/11-------: i am almost and eight months old blogger.Gaining enthusiasms from you the readers tried some posts with different topics. Among st them 'Who..', 'His Wishes', 'Concept of time-1,2&3' 'Police case' 'Our true origin address' etc earned some acceptances,i will take advantage to request you to read those posts and put your comments there.

I belong to a heritage town an erstwhile princely state "Cooch Behar" under the foot hills of Himalayas.To be
precise Darjeeling and Bhutan. It can be taken as gateway of Bhutan and North east India.Renowned,and one of the ten most  beautiful women in the world of her times,selected by Vogue magazine; princess may,the maharani of Jaipur 'Gyaetri Devi' was daughter of cooch behar.The Cooch Behar palace is almost a replica
of Buckingham palace. There're many other laurels earned by cooch behar, requires to be mentioned.This area is surrounded by some tourist attractions of note viz. "Jalda para"wild life sanctuary famous for 'one horned rhino' and 'gaur(indian bison) habitat.Buxa tiger reserve(bengal tigers) is within sixty km of cooch behar, this sanctuary besides tigers known for king cobras,black panthers,elephants ruins of a seventeenth century fort, oranges,worlds largest carp 'Mahasher'.Two other ruins of castles found within twenty five kms reach first one 'The Naal Raja Gad" of thirteenth century; lapped affectionately by Chilapata forest,another fifteenth century "Gosani mari Rajpat" the ruins of the capital of King Kamteswar, who reigned during the period of Bengals Nawab Hussein Shah.Sons of the soil bears distinct gene connection Mongolian tribes.There're two more very important anthropological groups besides many others are Bengali migrated from southern part of Bengal as  Indian freedom partition refugees,and Negroid Madeshias from southern Bihar, the present day Jharkhand state,they mainly were brought forcibly by British tea planters as workers for numerous tea gardens situated around Cooch Behar. I was born in one such tea garden.
                                                                        Princess May
Blogging gave me immense immaculate pleasure of earning many many new friends and followers from through out the world and vice versa,and will love very much to get more and more.Suggestions/advises from valued readers are always welcome and sought after.
 illuminated palace of cooch behar.     



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