story of an unknown indian part-2

before landing to his final destination.there had been a brief  but significant period elapsed at jalpaiguri town.which was in his hey days then, powered by renowned tea industrialists like s.p.ray, b.c.ghosh etc.
at that time those peoples were no meaner than shorter version of great mughals.nevertheless they rendered many goods to the society, along side there industrialist character.among them the top was s.p. ray,who owned the most number of tea gardens,among indians.that included 'mathura tea estate' also,it was the mother concern of all the tea gardens he owned.with all those big fishes playing in her belly jalpaiguri was almost the crowing glory of north bengal then.the young man, who was reaching there, found it enthusiastic,forth coming to get a job.the town did not deceived him. quickly found a job at wimco safety match factory,through a a remuneration of six annas per day, don't laugh my dear, remember it was 'nineteen hundred and thirty nine'.six anna per day was more than enough for a bachelor young man.he was never been so solvent through out his rest of life.those were his days of glasskit shoes,mohini mills fine dhoti,watching dramas at deepti theater,cinemas with friends in rupmaya etc.he was just happy enough to spend his like one such merry making evening one mr.friend even greater thrilling news to him.he brought an alliance for him. she was daughter of a business man.a fair young beautiful loveble girl in her early teen.the marriage actually held,it was 'nineteen hundred and forty one'.
as the father-in-law was a big businessman, of that time,the invitees were who's who of then jalpaiguri.among them there was a very good friend of brides dad.he was no other than the tea mughal s.p. ray.
he generously gave a special bridal gift to the new couple.
he offered the groom the job of teacher,to the school ran by him at mathura tea estate.he actually made the offer at the bridal podium to make it more dramatic.oh! what a rare bridal gift.
when the couple of weeks honeymoon period was over.he slowly advanced to his new work place.
handed over his joining as teacher, to manager of mathura t.e.,another stalwart birendra ku. neogi.after whose name sonapur b.k. high school was formed.................................................contd. wait for next post.


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