story of an unknown indian part-3

b.k neogi as usual gave lot of advices, dos do not s to the new entrant.but the most interesting & thrilling among
those were 'do not venture out of your bungalow after the sun sets,make sure that all your jobs/requirements are complete before dark, always keep your six battery torch(given by garden management) in a very good working most extreme necessity shout loudly to the chowkidars(security guards), and wait till they morning come out only after the siren is given.' these were enough to make him shaky. though hearing all this, a thin sense of chill started crawling through his spine,but the thrill of possible future adventurous life;over powered the chill feeling. he was posted in a division of that tea garden,it was comparatively remote to the main division. where leopards, karakuls, rouge bison,different types of venomous snakes plays hide and
seek with the tea laborers. but when the sun sets they don't require to hide at all.rather there teethes and claws
forces the day light dominants to became recessive.actually sending them to hide in to their den(houses).now its the regime completely ruled by predators and prays.the leopards,dhols(wild dogs),occasional bengal tigers from chilapata forest etc,roams freely. frequently enough they never minded to violate the first, some times the second line defenses of those day light masters.specially to their cow sheds and to the pet dogs,sheep's,goat.
it was common to found kills in teen figure in every month,some times crossing it also.b.k.neogi also gave him some valuable tips about smell,various types of sounds relating to different types of beasts, in their different moods.
this knowledges was very much essential to detect a beast where it is, and whats his mood or intention.which in turn allow him to be in safe position.these valuable tips saved his life in more than one morning
when he was going to his school, suddenly heard a big noise,and saw many people hastily moving towards.............................wait for next post


  1. bravo! nice endeavour. Instils a longing to move with the melody


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