story of an unknown Indian

Billions of Indians thrives in the may know some of them,the mosts are unknown.lets pick one from the unknowns. North Bengal ,situated at the foot hills of great Himalayas in abundance of jungles,tea gardens,hills,rivers streams with full of fishes,elephants,tigers,leopards, deers, hill-mynas,monkeys,jungle fowls,peacocks,pythons,king cobras and many more species .above all its an age old habitat of naive tribes men e.g.koch,rava, mech, Nepalis,madeshias & displaced Bengalis.Called terai or doors. In this bustling theater,an unique character plays silently along side the sweet teen Chilapata jungle,affectionately covering, the myths & mysteries of "Nall Rajahs gad".there might have enough reason to believe that it might be associated with "Indian napoleon" 'Chila ray'the great warrior hero of koch dynasties.
no i didn't forgot the 'silent unique character'.Its the largest Tea Garden in doors region-'Mathura Tea Estate'.
laying its vast green carpet,studded with tall, sleek, beautiful rain trees over hundreds of acres.thousands of easy going, merry making, laborious,naive madeshias work there,along with a hand full of Bengali clerks,supervisors,
managers etc.there was never been any such 'lakshman rekha'existed like European tea gardens,in between madeshias and bengalis. it was full of fellow filling,cordial,worm relations between them,right from its inception
at very early 20th century.
An young man in his early twenties came there via jalpaiguri,from rajbari,faridpur of present day Bangladesh.
In search of his fate in the year 1939.he was actually fleeing form his dads reach, who had made man accord with a rich zamindar,that he would allow his brilliant son to marry the daughter of that zamindar,in return the
shall bore all the expenses to make the young man a doctor,but he shall have live in his in laws(zamindar s)
house for ever.quite naturally the idealistic head strong boy rejected it.he would rather shade his career than going in to accord, consisting such insulting terms & condition.but dads hands were too strong,what he could do to stop it,than fleeing. he actually fled to calcutta,having only Rs5 in his pocket.and to jalpaiguri later.
From there he landed to Mathura tea estate,which he was actually destined for..........................contd.
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