Story of an unknown Indian P-5

Mr.Ajit G replied that the section of the garden where maintenance works were scheduled to be held to day;there a big leopard attempted to kill and drag, a grown up cow,just around forty five minutes ago.The crime scene was just some hundred meters away from here.The crime was attempted at about thirty to forty meters south east in front of the sub staffs(Jr supervisors). Who went there about an hour ago, to distribute the jobs of in coming laborers according to their given tools such shovel carriers for raking and weeding,others who were having kalam churis(sharp cutting tool) for trimming and cutting Tea branches etc.It was a very unnatural behavior from a leopard to try to kill his prey in day light,when there was every possibility of an audience.The beast was must be very hungry and desperate to quench his hunger.It was reported that the injured cow was still lying at the spot,and the attacker had not withdrawn the claim from his prey,and was hiding nearby. To claim his stake alive was making fearful compressed growing intermittently. Now if that beast was not drove away from that area,A whole day of at least sixteen hundred man-hours would go ashtray
                 Here it should had been mentioned that Mr Ajit G was a very experienced hunter.His living   room was full of trophies and taxidermed beasts like Royal Bengal tigers, leopards,Bison heads testimony of his hunting skills.
                 Ajit G. added that So young man if you have courage in you,and want to have a special experience follow me.But again I must remind you that the beast seems to be a very dangerous one,so be very careful of yourself and keep curiosity under control...............contd.


  1. Nirupam Ghosh, u have very interesting posts to read, beatiful blog to appreciate and first and formost I love the bird as the header! I couldn't comment more. I am speechless.

  2. Very nice story. It is obvious that english is not your first language, and so there were several understandable errors because of that. But perhaps the hardest thing you need to learn is to show your reader the events that are happening, rather than telling us this and that happened et-cetera. It is like describing a movie to a blind friend and you want them to 'see' all the things your are enjoying. Interesting though, Other than that, you write very well. Keep trying.


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