Lets go,
Yes Sir, and then the young man(let his name was DNG) followed MR. Ajit G.

That was the extreme east section of the garden. You may know the continuous carpet of tea bushes,were often cut by thin walking lanes.With all the alertness in the world they were started moving slowly; towards the arena, along such a thin lane.
As they were moving closer, they noticed from a distance of about fifty meters or so, that two junior supervisors were standing in the midst of a lane crossing. They were waving their hands, signalling to went to them.
In the mean time a whole lot of around three hundred to four hundred peoples/laborers were gathered along the main road.The road ran through the southern side of that section.
Now they were almost in the threshold of entering the ring. Suddenly Mr. A.G.(AJIT. G.) halted and turned to DNG. Asked him in a very gruff voice "Look this is a very dangerous game. Rather a question of life and death.You are a newly married man. A slight mistake can cost your life. Your dress is also very unsuitable for the cause. Still you can back up."
DNG was found himself dumbfound, to saw that A.G. had changed completely,he was not the man who was patted his back so gently a little while ago. That was a man who was very determined,focussed and highly strung.He was looking as if his adrenalin was pumping so fast, that all his sensory organs had doubled their work. His sixth sense had unfolded all his antennas to catch even a nimble signal.
DNG thought if he back tracks, he would had to walk back alone through a lonely lane, of about sixty meters. During back journey always there was a viable chance to encounter that angry dangerous beast alone. Surely he would not survive,as there would be no body to help him.
Again, though there persisted a fair amount of threat of being with Mr. A.G. But there would be an experienced hunter  with him to support. He opted not to back track.
"No Sir" he replied.
In this fear full dangerous atmosphere, he did not wanted to loose the felling of being accompanied ,by a seasoned,experienced hunter.who did earned many laurels in big game hunting.
"Well' the only word came out from  the mouth of Mr. A.G...............PLEASE WAIT FOR NEXT POST.


  1. Very beautifully done up,and great information also...and we live close by...thank you for giving me the opportunity to be enriched by our history.

  2. Sounds interesting and adventures. Thanks for sharing. Hope you visit my blog.


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