Where we are?What is our true origin/address?

www.google.co.inIf any one asks your address? A very simple answer shall come.Your city,your province,your country,eventually The Earth.Someone can go even further mentioning the solar system.But from here you might loose the argument behind your address.
Come lets have a little deeper look.After solar system there comes the galaxies,but then? Had you think of it?Any moment?
Sometimes when I tried to thought about it,searching if I could struck any answer?What I got? Just found me in a perplexed condition,at a heightened cranial pressure.
How many galaxies exists in the Universe?How many solar systems might exists in those galaxies?What number of habitable planets there could be in those solar systems?As you know what the acceptable theory of birth of solar system says, The Big Bang. How this relates with your address? If you consider a comparing unit beyond, you will find nothing is static,constantly changing,hard to find a pure address.
Lets see what Big Bang says,that as soon as the Great Egg exploded(the mother of all explosions)all the parts and percales,to be precise all the objects of the Universe, galaxies,solar systems literally all the living,dead or non living objects we see around us every day.That includes those we don't see around us,but surely there in the Cosmos. Started to drift form each other at an speed almost equaling to the speed of light,within millions part of a nano second, and still travelling in same fashion.Where are they going,how long they will keep going?We don't know,probably they also don't know. This endless has been happening since the Big Bang.Hundreds of crores years ago.Is there any end point, any destination?Everything we see,we feel,we sense,we see, we taste,we think, we know,we embrace,we avoid all that we can or can't do are the product of that great explosion.
                         You may want to go further asking their addresses before the explosion?Obvious answer is within the egg.Now I ask you form where and how they came,and get to assemble the egg?
Who were their actual moms, grand moms,great grand moms.......moms,and so on?Which was the actual start and how?Why they wanted to get came closer/assemble to form that egg?
Which force drove them to form the egg? Oh! another question.But if there was any such force/From where that came?Who exerted the force and why?What was the intention of doing so?
Here I should make clear that ,I am trying to find,or pointing(as some might think) towards the belief of Gods creation.Who likes, is free to think so.I am trying find the answer from hard sciences.
                          At this point some newer theories telling about energy,the string theory etc.I also like to believe that that it was might be in the form of energy,an unthinkable quantity of energy following the law of Einstein on conversion masses to energy and vice versa,produced all the masses of the Universe.But again I landed to an another question. Where from those energies came?The moms their moms and so on of those energies? Now can you tell me what is our actual address, our origin?
Truly unthinkable.Isn't it?Whenever I tried, at this point my cranial server crashes out.
I don't know, whether I could made my thinkings clear to you?whether I could wrote it in a correct way?But I can't resist my self to feel that I could have made you understand the queries behind my writing.
Waiting eagerly for your valued comments.


  1. A very deep thought that is put into words by nirupam.. A very nice one indeed.

  2. I must congratulate on your innovative thoughts..will look forward to reading more.

  3. we are on the same page like your post i have one similar that i am working on. may i suggest that you change to a lighter background and black on white posts the green on shade of black are hard to read.

  4. Nice blog....loved the stuff...good job!!!


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