The concept of Time-1       Almost everything can be defined in terms of 'Time'.But what is the definition of time?Though all of us are tightly tied by 24*7*365,all of our works are time bound.Praise the person, who is perfect about time.Successful,thy timing of execution of work is just right.In cricketing word, if the timing is perfect, it's an over boundary for you.But if it is wrong,a dolly catch might be,and you are out.If your mom had delivered you in exact delivery time frame, then you were a matured baby,if that was earlier than predicted ,you were an immature baby.again if that had crossed the predicted time,a doctor could have intervened to save the life of both you and your mom Can mention millions of such aspects of our life and of our surroundings,which are governed,reared and executed depending on time
     What is time?How can you define it?Do you feel it,sense it,see it,touch it? A big NO.Can calculate it only.according to the concepts derived. Ancient Hindus used it as 'danda(hour)','pal(second)','prahar(3hrs),'dibas(day 12hrs),'ratri(night 12hrs)'mas(month30day+30ratri)'batsar(year 12months).Other races used some other standards. Modern world wide accepted system needs no introduction, is second,minute,hour,day,month, year....etc.
       But,what are the bases of deriving the amount of pal or second? Generally we treat 'second'as a primary unit,and everything gets weighed relative to it. Is it actually so? No, it has been derived from some other universal/cosmic phenomena,so we have another almost(yes 'almost' as this also is not ultimate theoretically) ultimate standard. Some of us are nevertheless aware of it,but i am sure the larger audience/readers are not.
 There will be a great success or me if at least one such reader,finds this article worth thinking,and thinks for a while.Moreover I am very much enthusiastic,to have dialog with interested readers.
      Let's come to the point again 'the concept of time'. If the base unit of this concept is made a little faster,you can't imagine what you might get to see,or at least what that you will find in your work sheets,shall surely make you loosing all earthly standards you see, you believe,you earned etc. The most shocking blow comes from the total failure of concept of time. Grammar books may be required to get rewritten. Meaning of tenses past,present,future becomes ridiculous. You may really slow your wrist watch down(not by regulating it). May be you are thinking I am joking. No my dear,its science,  can be proved on paper through calculation.I am trying to make this article calculation free, so that it becomes understandable to larger sections of readers.Gradually through my next posts, I shall try to explain the questions, I raised here and the queries that might come from wait for next post  


  1. That would be another universe - nothing that we are familiar with. Great post - time - a man-made concept, time - money, time - samay - the all powerful...

  2. I will be waiting hope it does not take to much time!!!

  3. time has no time to waste. good post thank you for your visit today on my blog, keep writing and thinking i will be back.

  4. Time is so abstract and I find it very difficult to comprehend. Most of the time I think that Time is man made.

  5. Good article. I like your views on time.

  6. It strikes! one, two,
    Three, four, five, six. Enough, enough, dear watch,
    Thy pulse hath beat enough. Now sleep and rest;
    Would thou could'st make the time to do so too;
    I'll wind thee up no more.
    ~Ben Jonson
    I agree with ncl-cruise-pictures,its up to every individual,as to how time is given priority.Very well written.

  7. Very...very. interesting..! TIME don't wait for us...TIME is really more powerful than MONEY....! Really I like very much your nice article....


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