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Thursday, March 17, 2011

His Wishes

www.google.co.inHe joined the two legged team,early morning, in the month of December.Much loved by his parents, brothers and sisters, finished his crawling days.Stood up tottering on his feet,started exploring and sensing the world around him.Those playful times didn't lasted beyond five years,as pre primary coaching was arranged for him then, against his wishes.
 One morning his dad came back early from his duty accompanying a semi old dhoti and punjabi clad  man of serene countenance. Introduced him as Abinash sir appointed to teach him.He instantly refused to get taught by him,in all possible manners, what he could do. Pleasing Abinash babu waited,then showed his right hand to him. He immediately become curious, to saw a bone less extra thumb,hanging loosely aside the original one, stretched his hands to touch the thumb and not allowed. Abinash babu laid a condition "If you obey me? will be allowed to touch and play with the extra thumb". He accepted gleefully,began his education under Abinash babu. After some months he become so fond of Abinash babu,took the the first resolution towards his aim in life---'A teacher like Abinash babu'.
Started practicing his teacher's hood in his own school with dull unruly students like chairs,tables,benches etc
Being believer of the proverb 'spare the rod spoil the child' couldn't spoil his students, caned them mercilessly.Gaining confidence gradually, one day brought his younger sister to his class room,to teach. What next?.......A very loud fearful cry..... frightened on rushing parents. The aspiring teacher awarded with vigorous tweaking of his ears,three/four left and right slaps and getting locked alone in a room for an hour, until grand pa rescued.
Noble aim in life "to become a teacher"couldn't last any more.
 One afternoon when he was playing with toys in the veranda,he saw a Willis jeep driven by Balai uncle speed past there house, along the road in front.Fumes of burning petrol was oozing out through tail pipe.Looked like an ash colored stallion running its heart out with tails up.Sweet smell of burning petrol awakened him, thought "Wow! how macho is Balai uncle? taming this great machine at his will'
Resoluted instantly to became a driver like Balai uncle. started his driving training with toy trucks made off wood. Brrrroomm....brrrroommmm pushed his truck so hard,that it only managed to get rammed against his sisters leg,and cutting it in a manner, to take two stitches to stop bleeding.
Ah! tweaking of ears again and little bit of caning on the buttocks.
Mission "Driver" gone with the wind.
Begun his search again for a suitable aim in life,only found to be tormented by fever.His elder sister took him to the hospital for medication. There he found profound profile of Dr. Lahiri, middle aged bespectacled with stethos. hanging around his neck checking a patient with all seriousness in the world.
He was very much impressed and resoluted  to become "A doctor like him".Opened a hospital in there bedroom,and the bed being the operating table actually. Started sharpening his medical skill in his hospital with broken syringes,empty vials,old shaving blades etc. Encouraging enough to found his sister offering her honorary service as nurse.The jubilant aspiring doctor started his hospital in full swing.He was simply busy treating a lot of patients(sister's dolls) and some of them required surgery.Taking serious care and protection opened the belly of a patient.My God! the patient bleed(thanks to Mercurochrome lotion) so menacingly;couldn't survive! But bloods! everywhere.Obviously badly staining the bed sheet.
Tweaks and tweaks and tweaks of ears again,plus presenting a one legged statue holding his ears with both hands at the open veranda,for every body passing there house.
So he thought this profession is not for me,and "left the resolution of becoming a doctor with broken heart"
Days passed,months gone December came ,winter time the cricket time(those days) in India. He was sadly seating on the upper stairs of there bungalow having all his wishes(so far) perished like raw vegetables, and thinking for his future.In the mean time his elder brother came and turned on their Bush radio,and tuned to Kolkata radio station.
"Andy Roberts.curly haired ,stockily built.galloping in from the High court end.. to Gavaskar, slightly short of length  'bouncer'; the ball jacked off nastily, right to the nose of Gavaskar.Gavaskar hurriedly ducked the ball whistled past his head to the glove of Derrek Murray, no run."
Sounds of Kishore Vimani, who was giving commentary to Indo-West Indies test cricked,played in Kolkata..
His eyes glimmered with enthusiasm"Yeahs! I got it" he shouted.I will become a fast bowler, like Roberts".
Joined in cricket coaching and started austere practices.At last he earned some reputation there,but couldn't continue. Unfortunately he got passed the entrance exam for engineering, choosed civil engg. branch.His uncle the angry pro with a knack to poke his nose in every domestic matter , intervened and redirected him to Elect.
engg. "against his wishes" reason best known to his uncle.
Employment? His treacherous luck deceived him again,got the job of a mechanical engineer.
Thank God.Lastly he was successful to found some degree of reputation and recognition there.
Satisfied? Once again his mischievous ambition begun poking him again.This time the computer and internet.
Hearing so many interesting about it, decided to become a 'computer wizard', and one day some four months ago bought a 'Machine'. Without having any knowledge about its operating systems or even mere typing skill;
requested for some tips to a friend, and got something from him.
A big thanks to Google.He started exploring and learning it through 'Google search' and still does.
a)How to do this? b)What is the meaning of? c) How to sign up for? d) How to install this? etc,were his search options. Doing these one day he landed in to the domain of "Hoisting your blog", he hoisted that and decided to become a peer blogger.
Started giving blog posts with some ordinary trash contents and lots of different kinds of errors,disturbing readers.
Now the realization came,"leave this latest wish my dear.It is serious stuff here.beyond your reach"
But....How about this trying to trade those trashes with adsense? May be seating on Aannal's wall.Market home and business cautioned "No trashes are traded here, better get those scrapes auctioned in 'Garriage scrap and auction sell, or B'Khush doing yoga getting slimmer to fit SSweepy's Jeanes."
At the end one more ambition please"hey how it will be deciding it to shoot wedding photos?"