Police Case

www.google.co.inHer hapless body was lying senseless, an occasional low moan coming from her throat to declare 'I am alive'.Early morning shop keepers found this unknown female of forties in the steps of a grocer shop aside the busy main market road.Her disheveled dress and blood soaked under garments clearly showing that, her female hood was brutally inner vaned and assaulted.

Immediately a gathering of shopkeepers and market goers formed around  the unknown female thriving for her life. As it happens every where they all begun to blame the govt.and its police department for dwindling law and order of the country.Every one giving wise advice to every body of how to take actions to save her life.But nobody came forward to take the initiative; all of them found an emergent work pending lying in their hands.

A huge Mercedes came and applied abrupt brake before the gathering, the car of renowned wealthy Dr. Bonerjee.The owner of a big private hospital. "What's up?" he asked impatiently to his driver Lalu.
Lalu en quired and replied  "An unidentified sense less female lying there fighting for her life, probably she was brutally raped last night.Should I call our hospital's ambulance, Sir?"
"No, are you mad Ramu? This will be a police case,and i don't want to drag myself in this unwanted disturbance,move on;  time is up to open my chamber" Dr. Bonerjee ordered angrily. Ramu started and left the scene.

Mr. Shyamal Barman an scholar of philosophy the head teacher of Swarnamoyee high school entered the scene, after. "Oh!my God he screamed, the philosopher in him came crying out,and initiated an inspirational lecture about 'helping people in need'.charming eloquence of Barman Sir spell bounded the gathering ,they went to to a dreamy world almost.Came in to live with concluding Barman Sir"So my boys do something immediate to save  her life. Unfortunately i am already late to my private coaching class,students are waiting there, after all its my business boy's.I can't wait anymore." He left.

Here came the great Tapan Halder(ex smuggler) the sitting councilman of market ward with all his paraphernalia s ,within no time developed a hue and cry pretending to help the hapless female.When peoples began to think something better is actually going to happen,one of Tapan's aide came closer and whispered to Tapan's ear"Dada(big brother) she is not the voter of our ward and it will be a police case" Tapan paused a second and suddenly remembered that time is up for an urgent meeting at party office.So he apologized with all humiliation to his voters,requested them to ring to the police station and left the scene.

As all the noble men came and gone and the chances of survival of that hapless female went down from slimmer to slimmest dirty Swapan   came mumbling a popular hindi movie song,The jail bird from railway colony slum ex wagon breaker and current day drug peddler.He sports a peculiar hobby to spend his small black earning to slum children fulfilling there small hobbies. Nevertheless his earnings comes from the sot dads of those children s.Although last night's country spirits still running in his systems, he made his way physically through the gathering asking"what happened? who is lying there? Ehh..he..he I saw this lady alighting from a mail train last evening,and was looked lunatic" Swapan didn't waste any time called a rickshaw took her to the hospital affectionately cradling with care in his arms. On duty doctor examined and declared that she breathed her last sigh almost an hour ago.He then asked Swapan for her identity,address to complete the formalities. Swapan turned to reply but his eyes got stuck to an incoming police van. His reflex action driven by his long relations with police ordered him to ran away,but he couldn't hospital staffs caught and handed him to police.
Police immediately arrested him on heinous charges of brutally raping and murdering an unidentified woman.



  1. An absolutely brilliant story, Nirupam. You are becoming quite a storyteller.Enjoyed reading it a lot, thanks.

  2. And such is the sad truth of human nature - nice story.

  3. What a sad story and realistic story - improper inquiry always leads to such tragedy and encourages people to tread the wrong path. Enjoyed reading this a lot ..

  4. Interesting plot well told! Says a lot about human nature and the holes sometimes found in the justice system. Thanks, Nirupam.

  5. Beautiful Story.

  6. very good story, too bad that it does happen that way too dam often,I have read about that story in the news paper, heard it on the radio, and seen it on television, and read about it in the bible. when will people learn it is better to be a hero, and save someone life, than be an accomplish to murder. good post my prays are that it just stay a story. great post god bless

  7. Like your depiction. Interesting story... couldn't left in the middle.

  8. hey my friend you have not posted in a while are you OK? i have missed your company. god bless hope to hear from you soon.


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