Birth of Munni

Since some days i was feeling demotivated to write any, reasons unknown.Took the pen, tried the keyboard two,three,four plus plus times but the results were same,nothing came up.
My elder daughter often inquired "Dad have you wrote anything new?NO.....but why?why you're not updating your blog?It's bad".
"Will do soon" only i could replied to her.Actually i was trying to avoid her.Suddenly this idea struck my gray matters "hey how it will be,to figure her in my new post"?Won't be a bad idea,so engaged in it.Interestingly the dumb key board started talking.

On her arrival to life rendered me immaculate pleasure and sense of creating something which i could meaningfully gifted to the mankind.
Twenty first July 1994;the preceding day i went to her grandpa's(mom side) house,some sixty kms away from my own.Where her expecting,like fully bloomed lotus mom was staying since some days.Gestation was just matured, any time her entry to life might get allowed.
That night we both could hardly slept.Weaving multicolored dreams for our up coming babe.Merely watching her twists and turns,flip overs and occasional kicks from her mom's womb.Sometimes her kicks were so prominent;that i could easily felt her heels between my fingers over her mom's abs.

After receiving one of such powerful kick the pain shriveled face of her mom complained me in pseudo anger"Look what your babe doing?It will be a mischievous babe and a bad one too".Very next moment affectionately caressing her palms over abs with her pale tiring lips in audibly sounding "You mischief don't give me any more pain,come soon my baby,i am dying to abreast you.Suck me babe,suck the nectar i stored for you".Love ,affection,pride of mom hood was flooding her face wave after wave.An inexplicable heavenly feeling almost hypnotized me.

Next morning left her to my home town,mainly to arrange better medical facilities for her.That night away from her i couldn't sleep for a moment.Whenever i tried to shut my eyes, the image of her full moon like pregnant mom,appearing,fading,reappearing in my sub conscious vision.Every time requesting me "please come soon i am in pains,stay by me". Seriously felt guilty for leaving her in such a state.

Early next morning wasted no time and jumped in to the bus towards her.Stopped at Alipurduar an intermediate sub divisional town for a change over.There by chance met with my father-in-law who was alighting from a bus.Finding me just in front of him he hurriedly and anxiously told"Swapna your wife was admitted to hospital last night she was having pain, her elder brother and sister accompanied her.Don't know her present situation.Rush to her fast(keep in mind we were without cell phones those days).We immediately reached the hospital.Saw her in dire pains put my palm on her fore head consoled,gave her the courage, tried to give feeling that i am with her in every phase.

After a full days pressing anxious waiting the attending doctor opted for cesarean section,called me to sign the bond. Ooh!God forbid did i signed?
Don't want to recall. Tension mounted, standing foolishly before closed OT door, i can't exactly describe what was going through me then.
A mix of helplessness,sense of loss,unknown fear with shyly intruded pride of father hood gripped me firmly to his clutch. A second passed seemed a year passed.

OOAANNHH...........OOAANNHH suddenly a tender shrilled cry broke the million ton uneasy silence down to pieces.Flooded my auditory system, i was listening Beethoven's symphony.An unspeakable immaculate pleasure plunged me deep in to it. Slowly came in to sense, E aah!
i become a father.Is it true?

Half an hour more elapsed.The nurse came slowly and cautiously opening the door.With a tray in her arms loaded with something lively wrapped in thick cotton.All present there rushed to her to be the first to see the new comer. Through the jungle of bodies i could only managed to see a high held tender very fair fist;as if declaring to me "Dad here i am your daughter".That's my first glimpse to my creation.

'MUNNI' my loving elder daughter.


  1. this is truly a great post and a great moment, i remember the same terrors when my children were born. each time it is hell but forgotten the moment you see and hold the little bundle. thank you for reminding me of that god bless. and keep posting

  2. thanks....papa
    this is a very interesting post and carry on.
    Our good wishes with you.
    I am amazed to find me,so precious for you.
    yours Munni

  3. Hi, nice to see you posting again. There is nothing more motivating in life than our children. Thanks for sharing this story.

  4. The moment of the child's first cry can be really overwhelming - I am sure you are a really proud Father. Great story...


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