A Hindu Bengali Marriage(Rana&Pinki)

The Bengali marriage is an unique execution of  Hindu rituals,being performed since thousands of years. Recitation of sacred Vedic hymns from family priest,under floral arbour veiled with planten plants,earthen pots filled with auspicious water mango twig on it and green coconut a top. Placed in four corner of the arbour. In between bride and groom the oblation fire with glow of molten gold, offerings of wood apple leaves,flower petals, sandal powder, Sal wood resin(dhup),drops of pure butter oil. each of them offered separately,with separate hymns .Curls of of oblation smokes carrying aromatic vapour of all these creates an unearthly magical atmosphere,easily developing life long bonds between two unknown souls. Presence of grooms party of relatives and friends,along with brides family and neighbours, in her house makes the marriage a carnival
of all ages.This auspicious ritual was started from the hands of noble Vedic sage 'Swetketu'  son of Maharswisi(great saint) 'Uddalok' of Vedic age.

Rana(groom) and Pinki(bride) in  arbour  in her house
along with their family priest and maternal uncle who
religiously handing over the bride to groom.

Waiting for Garland Exchange
Garland Exchange


In front of Oblation Pot


Garland Exchange in Climax

Happy and joyous Mother-in-law and
All the mad maxes sorrounding the bride
On flower bed with relatives at Bou Vaat
(the brides dinner party)
The Groom forcibly laid to the feet of bride
by female attackers
Rana the joyous groom at bridal reception
in his house
Blessings of Mother in law
Pinki,Queen of the night in bridal attire

The bride on the way to oath taking ceremony
to take responsibility of all earthly well being of his
newly married wife with offerings of food,cloth,
sindoor,cosmetics etc.

Receiving the Bride and Groom by groom's
Mom with auspicious lights and blessings
 The eternal beauty of soul of Hindu Bengali marriage rituals showers blessings to the newly wed couple from
time tested divine Vedic hymns,with all the happiness of the heaven to create life long bonds between them
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