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Monday, December 22, 2014

Uttara Devi's Visit To Cooch Behar

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Swapna receiving Maharaao Brijraj Singh and  Maharani Uttara Deviat the door step of my residence at Khagrabari, Cooch Behar. On 14th Dec. 14, evening.
King and Queen in queens ancestral kingly bedroom ,At Cooch Behar palace.
At the stage of main function,on 15thdec.2014 evening. At MJN stadium Cooch Behar
Inside the Durbar hall of Cooch Behar palace, L to R- Princess Uttara Devi,Maharajah Brijraj Sing, Kalpana Devi daughter in law of maharani Uttara Devi, Prince Ijyaraj Sing Son of Uttara Devi and Nirupam Ghosh

At the veranda of my residence, Lto R- Dr. Subinoy Chakravorty, Nirupam Ghosh, Maharajah Brijraj Sing, Maharani Uttara Devi and Mr. Srichand Jain
Paying homage at Rani Bagan Nirupam Ghosh and Uttara Devi
At the stage of centenary celebration L to R- Nirupam Ghosh, Uttara Devi, Brijraj Sing,Ijyaraj Sing,Kalpana Devi,Bhawani Kumari Devi, Dipak Bhattacharjee chirman of Cooch Behar municipality.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Birth centenary celebration of Maharajah Jagaddipendra Narayan of Cooch Behar

The yearlong birth centenary celebration of His late Highness Lt.Col.Maharajah Jagaddipendra Narayan of Cooch Behar; shall be inaugurated on 15th December 2014. The event is being organized by 'The Khastriya Society of Cooch Behar'. Maharajah himself was the founder president of this society, and chaired till his sad demise in 1970. The venue of the inaugural function is scheduled to take place, at Maharajah Jitendra Narayan( M J N) stadium; adjacent to the famous Rashmela maidan, Cooch Behar.
To much delight of all Cooch Beharites and his erstwhile subjects. The inaugural festival, is going to be illuminated by the sparkling and graceful presence of Her Highness Maharani saheba Uttara Devi of Kotah, along with the celestial star , her husband and the Maharajah of Kotah Brijraj Sing.The multifaceted,towering person, the Maharajah, the aviator, the national champion shooter, the historian, the artist, three times member of parliament, member and chairman of various state and union Govt. committees including defence, civil aviation etc. and truly a what not? A connoisseur  of art,literature and Indian classical music. We will be really lucky to have his gracious presence. Welcome them from our heart. The royal touch to CB gone(supposed) with Gayetri devi, shall be revived with a big bang through her niece Uttara.                                                                                

Adding to the joy their son Yuvaraj Ijyaraj Sing, daughter in law Yuvarani Kalpana devi are also accompanying their parents. Their daughter Badhurani of Burdwan Bhawani Kumari Mahatab and son in law Yuvaraj Jai chand Mahatab of Burdwan ; Udaya devi rajmata of Payagpur, the daughter of Menaka devi    the youngest princess of Cooch Behar, are also in the list of most probable guests.

On behalf of  'The Khatriya society of Cooch Behar' extend a cordial and warm invitation to every one to support,participate and enjoy.

Nirupam Ghosh
Cooch Behar

Saturday, June 21, 2014

River fishes of COB region-2

Following are some more river fishes of Cooch Behar region

Puti or Siklet



Tin Kanta

Nirupam Ghosh 
Cooch Behar

Friday, June 13, 2014

A Hindu Bengali ritual "SAADH' or wish'

The ritual of SAADH or wish performed according to Hindu Bengali rites for pregnant women.Mainly from the parental side. The first is performed on the fifth month of pregnancy,the Panchammrita. Second on the seventh month the Saptammrita. These two are mainly for wishing the well beings of the would be mother and her unborn child. Has to observe rules according to the religion. Requires priests to conduct the whole episode. This is totally a female ritual,males has no role except for arranging the materials for it. The main ritual is performed on the ninth month of pregnancy. When menus, as per the SAADH or wish of the pregnant woman is served to her. New cloths are given to her.To the fulfillment of her wish. Hundreds of years ago, when the ritual was came in vogue had a different meaning. Seriousness of that meaning has almost faded now. Thanks to the advancement of medical science.It has become a joyful ritual now. Think, the problems of child birth of just a hundred year ago? The mortality rate of the pregnant women during child birth? Here lies the necessity or the object of the ritual. In those days no parent was sure of whether their daughter would come smiling with her newborn child in her lap, after delivary? Many a times they had to experience the loss of the life of their beloved daughter. Out of this apprehension and to have a little solace if they were unfortunate? Tried to fulfill the wish or "SAADH' of their daughter,before delivary? Thus the ritual began.Sometimes this is performed equally from the in law sides too. Today it has gained a new meaning of a chance of get together and feast, joined by both sides and relatives. Here are some pictures of the ritual performed for 'PINKI' the pregnant woman.

Before the delicacies of her wish

Getting ashirvad from Mami

yes no meat can be served

sharing with niece with wish to have a daughter like her

curries of Carp,prawn,vegitable,dal,pakoda,payes,pitha,chutney,sweet curds,rasgolla

Nirupam Ghosh
Cooch Behar

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Heritage Sites of Cooch Behar

Hiranyagarva Shiva Temple

Keshab Ashram or Rose Garden

Jenkins School

Lansdowne Hall

M J N Club

M J N Club

BaroDevi Temple Devibari

Narengra Narayan Park

The Palace and her daughter 'Menaka'

Rhe Palace with her daughter Uttara and her husband Brijraj

Madan Mohan Temple

Victoria (A B N Seal) college

Victor Palace


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