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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Leopard and man

Dreaded Leopard attack on a police man frame by frame.

This news and photos were published in largest circulated bengali news daily"Ananda Bazar Patrika" ON 20/07/11. Crime scene was at "Limbu Basti"near Siliguri some one eighty kilometres away from my home ton Cooch behar,on 19/07/11 morning.The full grown male leopard ventured out from forest near by,to the village.Forest officers were informed by police soon.Dart gun specialist Kanchan Banerjee came at once with dart gun,net and his team geared up with helmets protectcive jackets etc.They know from their long experience that a frightened,cornered full grown leopard is most deadliest of animals. Eventually they netted the beast, but in between it wounded a number of people seriously, including police,villagers and forest guards. Sorry again, the beast couldn't survive and died in exhaustion

Courtesy:......Ananda Bazar Patrika

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Birth of Munni

Since some days i was feeling demotivated to write any, reasons unknown.Took the pen, tried the keyboard two,three,four plus plus times but the results were same,nothing came up.
My elder daughter often inquired "Dad have you wrote anything new?NO.....but why?why you're not updating your blog?It's bad".
"Will do soon" only i could replied to her.Actually i was trying to avoid her.Suddenly this idea struck my gray matters "hey how it will be,to figure her in my new post"?Won't be a bad idea,so engaged in it.Interestingly the dumb key board started talking.

On her arrival to life rendered me immaculate pleasure and sense of creating something which i could meaningfully gifted to the mankind.
Twenty first July 1994;the preceding day i went to her grandpa's(mom side) house,some sixty kms away from my own.Where her expecting,like fully bloomed lotus mom was staying since some days.Gestation was just matured, any time her entry to life might get allowed.
That night we both could hardly slept.Weaving multicolored dreams for our up coming babe.Merely watching her twists and turns,flip overs and occasional kicks from her mom's womb.Sometimes her kicks were so prominent;that i could easily felt her heels between my fingers over her mom's abs.

After receiving one of such powerful kick the pain shriveled face of her mom complained me in pseudo anger"Look what your babe doing?It will be a mischievous babe and a bad one too".Very next moment affectionately caressing her palms over abs with her pale tiring lips in audibly sounding "You mischief don't give me any more pain,come soon my baby,i am dying to abreast you.Suck me babe,suck the nectar i stored for you".Love ,affection,pride of mom hood was flooding her face wave after wave.An inexplicable heavenly feeling almost hypnotized me.

Next morning left her to my home town,mainly to arrange better medical facilities for her.That night away from her i couldn't sleep for a moment.Whenever i tried to shut my eyes, the image of her full moon like pregnant mom,appearing,fading,reappearing in my sub conscious vision.Every time requesting me "please come soon i am in pains,stay by me". Seriously felt guilty for leaving her in such a state.

Early next morning wasted no time and jumped in to the bus towards her.Stopped at Alipurduar an intermediate sub divisional town for a change over.There by chance met with my father-in-law who was alighting from a bus.Finding me just in front of him he hurriedly and anxiously told"Swapna your wife was admitted to hospital last night she was having pain, her elder brother and sister accompanied her.Don't know her present situation.Rush to her fast(keep in mind we were without cell phones those days).We immediately reached the hospital.Saw her in dire pains put my palm on her fore head consoled,gave her the courage, tried to give feeling that i am with her in every phase.

After a full days pressing anxious waiting the attending doctor opted for cesarean section,called me to sign the bond. Ooh!God forbid did i signed?
Don't want to recall. Tension mounted, standing foolishly before closed OT door, i can't exactly describe what was going through me then.
A mix of helplessness,sense of loss,unknown fear with shyly intruded pride of father hood gripped me firmly to his clutch. A second passed seemed a year passed.

OOAANNHH...........OOAANNHH suddenly a tender shrilled cry broke the million ton uneasy silence down to pieces.Flooded my auditory system, i was listening Beethoven's symphony.An unspeakable immaculate pleasure plunged me deep in to it. Slowly came in to sense, E aah!
i become a father.Is it true?

Half an hour more elapsed.The nurse came slowly and cautiously opening the door.With a tray in her arms loaded with something lively wrapped in thick cotton.All present there rushed to her to be the first to see the new comer. Through the jungle of bodies i could only managed to see a high held tender very fair fist;as if declaring to me "Dad here i am your daughter".That's my first glimpse to my creation.

'MUNNI' my loving elder daughter.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


It's divine, its joy,it's love,its win, it's affection,it's nature,it's celestial,it's many more.But it's truly relative,changes with time,state of mind,situation of theater,our urge,our experiences;changes our opinions on beauty.What is very beautiful to some one some time,to some age some situation, is completely reverse in another condition.Suppose, the very beautiful actress whom you and your bosom friend consider 'the prettiest woman in the world',and would be in seventh heaven,to get a chance to meet her.Another day,when you were sitting on the corner table of a restaurant,just received an unbelievable news of sudden demise of your that friend,and a void getting bigger and bigger to your vision. "Excuse me may i sit here"? the actress appeared from that void and asked you. Is she will be the prettiest and beautiful as before to you ,now?Nooooo! What is ugly to some society,cherished in some other. What is obscene to human in public,is an act of beauty to some animals.Performances worshiped as shrine of beauty indoor,becomes ugliest out door,violating numbers of criminal/immoral codes.A freedom fighter to me may be a terrorist for you. So important is your unit of assessment. Your eyes and all sensory organs are limited only collecting data s,it is the round situated on top of your shoulder that gives the ruling of beauty.

You can be overwhelmed by the beauty of a brimful river aside a hilly forest on moon lit night,which are really God's own creation of extreme beauty.Will it be same,in the next day if it devastates the entire area with furious flood in the very next full moon night? Rhythmic, powerful sprint of a full grown tiger in wilderness, is admired by any one as one of the
most beautiful sight in the world.If the tiger is a man eater and running after you?Nothing can be so dreadful or ugliest for you now. Loveliest of beaches can be the ugliest in tsunami.Nothing is bad in the creation of God, thinking makes it so.

Beauty to me is a mental desire,depending upon the way of thinking in co ordination with my past experience,education,social values etc.Expressed in present situation.

Narrowing a bit 'beauty' is something which radiates from your appearance, consisting rays of your behavior,
grooming,education, pleasingness,your peace of mind just feel "aap aye bahar aye"(you came the spring came):In such a manner that induces the people in front you.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Police Case

www.google.co.inHer hapless body was lying senseless, an occasional low moan coming from her throat to declare 'I am alive'.Early morning shop keepers found this unknown female of forties in the steps of a grocer shop aside the busy main market road.Her disheveled dress and blood soaked under garments clearly showing that, her female hood was brutally inner vaned and assaulted.

Immediately a gathering of shopkeepers and market goers formed around  the unknown female thriving for her life. As it happens every where they all begun to blame the govt.and its police department for dwindling law and order of the country.Every one giving wise advice to every body of how to take actions to save her life.But nobody came forward to take the initiative; all of them found an emergent work pending lying in their hands.

A huge Mercedes came and applied abrupt brake before the gathering, the car of renowned wealthy Dr. Bonerjee.The owner of a big private hospital. "What's up?" he asked impatiently to his driver Lalu.
Lalu en quired and replied  "An unidentified sense less female lying there fighting for her life, probably she was brutally raped last night.Should I call our hospital's ambulance, Sir?"
"No, are you mad Ramu? This will be a police case,and i don't want to drag myself in this unwanted disturbance,move on;  time is up to open my chamber" Dr. Bonerjee ordered angrily. Ramu started and left the scene.

Mr. Shyamal Barman an scholar of philosophy the head teacher of Swarnamoyee high school entered the scene, after. "Oh!my God he screamed, the philosopher in him came crying out,and initiated an inspirational lecture about 'helping people in need'.charming eloquence of Barman Sir spell bounded the gathering ,they went to to a dreamy world almost.Came in to live with concluding Barman Sir"So my boys do something immediate to save  her life. Unfortunately i am already late to my private coaching class,students are waiting there, after all its my business boy's.I can't wait anymore." He left.

Here came the great Tapan Halder(ex smuggler) the sitting councilman of market ward with all his paraphernalia s ,within no time developed a hue and cry pretending to help the hapless female.When peoples began to think something better is actually going to happen,one of Tapan's aide came closer and whispered to Tapan's ear"Dada(big brother) she is not the voter of our ward and it will be a police case" Tapan paused a second and suddenly remembered that time is up for an urgent meeting at party office.So he apologized with all humiliation to his voters,requested them to ring to the police station and left the scene.

As all the noble men came and gone and the chances of survival of that hapless female went down from slimmer to slimmest dirty Swapan   came mumbling a popular hindi movie song,The jail bird from railway colony slum ex wagon breaker and current day drug peddler.He sports a peculiar hobby to spend his small black earning to slum children fulfilling there small hobbies. Nevertheless his earnings comes from the sot dads of those children s.Although last night's country spirits still running in his systems, he made his way physically through the gathering asking"what happened? who is lying there? Ehh..he..he I saw this lady alighting from a mail train last evening,and was looked lunatic" Swapan didn't waste any time called a rickshaw took her to the hospital affectionately cradling with care in his arms. On duty doctor examined and declared that she breathed her last sigh almost an hour ago.He then asked Swapan for her identity,address to complete the formalities. Swapan turned to reply but his eyes got stuck to an incoming police van. His reflex action driven by his long relations with police ordered him to ran away,but he couldn't hospital staffs caught and handed him to police.
Police immediately arrested him on heinous charges of brutally raping and murdering an unidentified woman.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

His Wishes

www.google.co.inHe joined the two legged team,early morning, in the month of December.Much loved by his parents, brothers and sisters, finished his crawling days.Stood up tottering on his feet,started exploring and sensing the world around him.Those playful times didn't lasted beyond five years,as pre primary coaching was arranged for him then, against his wishes.
 One morning his dad came back early from his duty accompanying a semi old dhoti and punjabi clad  man of serene countenance. Introduced him as Abinash sir appointed to teach him.He instantly refused to get taught by him,in all possible manners, what he could do. Pleasing Abinash babu waited,then showed his right hand to him. He immediately become curious, to saw a bone less extra thumb,hanging loosely aside the original one, stretched his hands to touch the thumb and not allowed. Abinash babu laid a condition "If you obey me? will be allowed to touch and play with the extra thumb". He accepted gleefully,began his education under Abinash babu. After some months he become so fond of Abinash babu,took the the first resolution towards his aim in life---'A teacher like Abinash babu'.
Started practicing his teacher's hood in his own school with dull unruly students like chairs,tables,benches etc
Being believer of the proverb 'spare the rod spoil the child' couldn't spoil his students, caned them mercilessly.Gaining confidence gradually, one day brought his younger sister to his class room,to teach. What next?.......A very loud fearful cry..... frightened on rushing parents. The aspiring teacher awarded with vigorous tweaking of his ears,three/four left and right slaps and getting locked alone in a room for an hour, until grand pa rescued.
Noble aim in life "to become a teacher"couldn't last any more.
 One afternoon when he was playing with toys in the veranda,he saw a Willis jeep driven by Balai uncle speed past there house, along the road in front.Fumes of burning petrol was oozing out through tail pipe.Looked like an ash colored stallion running its heart out with tails up.Sweet smell of burning petrol awakened him, thought "Wow! how macho is Balai uncle? taming this great machine at his will'
Resoluted instantly to became a driver like Balai uncle. started his driving training with toy trucks made off wood. Brrrroomm....brrrroommmm pushed his truck so hard,that it only managed to get rammed against his sisters leg,and cutting it in a manner, to take two stitches to stop bleeding.
Ah! tweaking of ears again and little bit of caning on the buttocks.
Mission "Driver" gone with the wind.
Begun his search again for a suitable aim in life,only found to be tormented by fever.His elder sister took him to the hospital for medication. There he found profound profile of Dr. Lahiri, middle aged bespectacled with stethos. hanging around his neck checking a patient with all seriousness in the world.
He was very much impressed and resoluted  to become "A doctor like him".Opened a hospital in there bedroom,and the bed being the operating table actually. Started sharpening his medical skill in his hospital with broken syringes,empty vials,old shaving blades etc. Encouraging enough to found his sister offering her honorary service as nurse.The jubilant aspiring doctor started his hospital in full swing.He was simply busy treating a lot of patients(sister's dolls) and some of them required surgery.Taking serious care and protection opened the belly of a patient.My God! the patient bleed(thanks to Mercurochrome lotion) so menacingly;couldn't survive! But bloods! everywhere.Obviously badly staining the bed sheet.
Tweaks and tweaks and tweaks of ears again,plus presenting a one legged statue holding his ears with both hands at the open veranda,for every body passing there house.
So he thought this profession is not for me,and "left the resolution of becoming a doctor with broken heart"
Days passed,months gone December came ,winter time the cricket time(those days) in India. He was sadly seating on the upper stairs of there bungalow having all his wishes(so far) perished like raw vegetables, and thinking for his future.In the mean time his elder brother came and turned on their Bush radio,and tuned to Kolkata radio station.
"Andy Roberts.curly haired ,stockily built.galloping in from the High court end.. to Gavaskar, slightly short of length  'bouncer'; the ball jacked off nastily, right to the nose of Gavaskar.Gavaskar hurriedly ducked the ball whistled past his head to the glove of Derrek Murray, no run."
Sounds of Kishore Vimani, who was giving commentary to Indo-West Indies test cricked,played in Kolkata..
His eyes glimmered with enthusiasm"Yeahs! I got it" he shouted.I will become a fast bowler, like Roberts".
Joined in cricket coaching and started austere practices.At last he earned some reputation there,but couldn't continue. Unfortunately he got passed the entrance exam for engineering, choosed civil engg. branch.His uncle the angry pro with a knack to poke his nose in every domestic matter , intervened and redirected him to Elect.
engg. "against his wishes" reason best known to his uncle.
Employment? His treacherous luck deceived him again,got the job of a mechanical engineer.
Thank God.Lastly he was successful to found some degree of reputation and recognition there.
Satisfied? Once again his mischievous ambition begun poking him again.This time the computer and internet.
Hearing so many interesting about it, decided to become a 'computer wizard', and one day some four months ago bought a 'Machine'. Without having any knowledge about its operating systems or even mere typing skill;
requested for some tips to a friend, and got something from him.
A big thanks to Google.He started exploring and learning it through 'Google search' and still does.
a)How to do this? b)What is the meaning of? c) How to sign up for? d) How to install this? etc,were his search options. Doing these one day he landed in to the domain of "Hoisting your blog", he hoisted that and decided to become a peer blogger.
Started giving blog posts with some ordinary trash contents and lots of different kinds of errors,disturbing readers.
Now the realization came,"leave this latest wish my dear.It is serious stuff here.beyond your reach"
But....How about this trying to trade those trashes with adsense? May be seating on Aannal's wall.Market home and business cautioned "No trashes are traded here, better get those scrapes auctioned in 'Garriage scrap and auction sell, or B'Khush doing yoga getting slimmer to fit SSweepy's Jeanes."
At the end one more ambition please"hey how it will be deciding it to shoot wedding photos?"

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lachchu of Juniper

Nineteen twenties that was, 'Juniper' the old colonial style English kothi(bungalow)at Hazaribagh in Bihar (an eastern province of India). Built by an English rly.engineer in eighteen thirties. Later sold to an Bengali zamindar(land lord) Babu(Mr) Suryanarayan Aditya, grand father of Mr Gobardhan Aditya a retired civil servant of Calcutta,
present owner of the kothi. The kothi was built over an area of almost thirty six decimals, a high plinth single story building, decorated with a beautiful garden in front of the kothi; and an orchard of different native fruits behind the kothi. Since Babu Suryanarayan to Mr Gobardhan,the Aditya's used to spend their leisure times at 'Juniper'. In absence of Aditya's kept under supervision of hereditary care takers 'thePaswans';and Lachchu is the current day care taker,who lived in the servants quarter there.Since long Mr Gobardhan could not managed to tour there.

It was late December with chilling festive environments of 'X' mas celebrations,night clubs,wines,parties etc.etc. Celebrating one such merry evening party Mr Gobardhan happily retired to his bed. Awakened early morning,having an early morning dream,lazily lying on the bed with closed eyes as if he was dreaming again; 'T.uu..u......Lachchuu.....find me..lachu.. find me..t..uu.u" hiding himself under a Victorian style mahogoney cot. He went to his childhood days playing hide and seek,with same aged Lachchu, son of Rambilas the caretaker. He was joyfully walking down the memory lane lying dizzily under warm quilt, halted suddenly.

"Chota babu, tu inha ata kiu nehi? Mera tabiat thik nehi, tujhe dekhne ko ji karta hai' (Young master why you don't come here? I am ill,longing to see you). A whispering pitiable tone entered in Mr Gobardhan's ear. The moment Mr Aditya sprang up from the bed and shouted loudly "Lachuu.....Lachchuu?" Jamini(Mrs Aditya) came hurriedly in to the room and en-quired "What happened?Where is Lachchu?It's Calcutta my dear,are you dreaming?" "Oh! no..I am sorry" replied Mr Aditya.

"Listen Jamini, I have decided to go to 'Juniper' right now. Tell Prasad(driver) to make the car ready." told Mr Aditya.

"Prasad? He didn't turned up to day, and i am not going to allow you to travel alone driving a car.Remember doctor's warning on your heart. It's more than two hundred kms from here.So dear, don't think of taking such big risk."Jamini replied.

Over ruling all oppositions from Jamini,self-willed Gobardhan started towards Hazaribagh alone, driving his car. Reached Hazaribagh at the stroke of evening,it was very foggy with slightest possible visibility,invited an early darkness. Advancing closer to his kothi,Mr Aditya begun to think"Eh!I have done a mistake,should have informed Lachchu in advance, don't know where is he now?" As his morris minor moved closer to the in gate of his kothi,he was surprised to found Lachchu standing there with a lantern in a posture; as if he was waiting to welcome him,receiving a prior message. Lachchu came smiling to the car and told "Akhir tu ne aahi gaya" (at last you came?) and opened the gate. The car slowly moved in to stop at portico,Mr Aditya alighted there.

"Tera bibi bachche kidhar?"(Where is your wife and children s?) asked Mr Aditya.

"Iidhari kanhi hogi"(may be somewhere around here) answered Lachchu,and affectionately guided Mr Aditya to his personal room.

"Tera kya hua?"(what happened to you?) asked Gobardhan "That's a long story,leave it now.You get freshed first,I am going to prepare tea and will serve then" answered Lachchu.
"No, first you come here,sit near me.Lachchu, we met after a long gap,there is lot to talk to you" replied tremulous Gobardhan.
For a while Lachchu was standing like a statue touching the Victorian mahogoney cot,his eyes glimmered with pearls of tears and the lips moved. "Chota babu mai tere liye bohot din se apeksha kar raha hunh,Tujhe dekhe bina mai kaise jau,akhir tu mera jigar ka dost"(I am waiting for many days , to see you, young master.I can't leave without seeing you.My only dear as life) spoke in a very low tone.
"What? What are you talking off? I can't hear you Lachu,speak loud.Aare yarr (hey friend) lit up a candle.your lantern is very dim, i can't see your face." told Gobardhan.

"Sorry i don't have a candle or a match box.The lantern too i brought from a faraway village.Chota babu you know,my aged eyes can't find anything here now,waiting to have some redressal from you.Suffered a lot of problem to find the lantern,when i got to know this morning that you're coming?"

"Hah...ha.ha..ha...Lachchu this morning...ha..ha..ha..you got to know that i am coming?...Hah...ha..ha..ah..ha Lachchu you remained as naughty as ever; good joke."

"Sahab(master)!.........Sahab!.....Are you there?.........Are you there.......?? Suddenly a chorus of young tones,dominated by a mature female tone rained cats and dogs to Gobardhan's ear.

"Yes; I am chota sahab here.But who are you ? come in"Gobardhan replied loudly. A middle aged women veiled in widow's weed, shakily entered the room along with four different aged children s.

"Sahab mai Lachchu ka bewa.Lekin aap kav aye?Itna jorse aap kiu hass raha tha?"(I am Lachchu's widow.But when did you came? Why you were laughing so loudly?) asked Fulbanti(Lachchu's widow)

"Lachchu's widow...?" the only word came out from the mouth of Mr Gobardhan Aditya,the retired civil servant,the grand son of great zamindar(land lord) Surya narayan Aditya ; before he fell down to the floor like a fallen tree. After a minute or so Gobardhan got up to found Lachchu was standing smiling aside him.

"Ehh! Lachchu you are here, but why your wife is in widow's weeds?They were telling that you're dead?"

"Look there" Lachchu replied.

"Oh!..ho...ho! why your wife and children s were crying so madly?Who was lying there?.............me?..? cried Gobardhan.

"No..h,dear,that body was MR Gobardhan Aditya's flesh and bones.You are with me.Leave them to their state.Let's go and play hide and seek again,do you know that, the 'Kuls'(kind of small juicy fruit)
 begun to ripe in the orchard behind,lets find some ripe one's." told the joyous Lachchu.

The two pals laughed and leaped like kids.Went out through rear window like a blast of wind..........Suu...rrr...aat.


Sunday, March 6, 2011


It was early Ashwin mas(month of September),Saturday, darkness after full moon.Overcast with occasional drizzle throughout the day.Raju, was reading his texts, sitting near a window.His small house was situated in an insignificant remote village of Bengal. A kilometer away from a river brimful of flood water. A village road ran across in front of his house,from hat(village market) to burning ghat on the bank of that river. He was living alone,other family members went to a cousins marriage to another village. Raju couldn't afford to attend, for his en showing exam. Somehow he managed to pass the day by reading, cooking a little bit etc. etc.

Sometime in late afternoon,just when evening was stretching and rolling to got up and extort, a little left over refracted sunlight. Ssoohooh......sshoooh.....trrat...trrr..tat..a semi cyclonic storm along with initial blast of hail stones,rattling violently Raju's corrugated(iron) roof;crashed in. Rocking and shaking the creation to the limits of its end; for almost half an hour hail stones stopped,but the wind was still blowing with enough bite,and heavy rain begun.

Raju was at his wits end,failed to think anything logically. Aclinic line of darkness and twilight,rushed forward.Suddenly a thick pitch black darkness fall in. So thick even Raju could made a try to touch that.Helplessly waiting for some minutes,he slowly got up form his chair in search of his lantern. Groping to find the lantern, in dark only managed to cast it away from self,cracking the chimney.Any way Raju could lit that,but in a very dim state .To reduce disgorging of heavy black smoke due to cracked chimney. Out side nature was still ruffling her feathers menacingly and semi darkness inside,with nobody around Raju,had an weired feeling of eeriness. Stood like an orphan in the midst of his room. Adding to his eeriness,in the mean time he heard a faint slogan of funeral procession dopplering in slowly.He was thinking of 'who passed away'? Also feeling for the ill luck of corpse bearers, doing their duties in that evil weather. The procession came along the road in front of his house and left,heading towards their destination 'the burning ghat'.Their religious slogans dopplered out slowly and faded.

After some time Raju moved around his rooms slowly to took stock of the situation.Reviewing the state of his living cum reading room,stepped in to the kitchen and spread his arms to lock the back door of kitchen firmly.As his hands just touched the door, immediately frightened to the core by simultaneous attack from a huge clap of thunder and with vicious knocking of the door along with rough, aphonic distress call.

"Raajuu........Raaju......... open the door.....open the door..Raaju"

This put already frightened Raju in utter dilemma.Seconds after wakening from the reverie ,he asked.

"Who are you?
"You know me ,my boy.But open it up first,please.I am trembling with chill " the stranger replied.
Raju paused a bit and then opened the door. A thin long figure covered in a wrapper,fully wet rushed in,and immediately went to the darkest corner of the room and sat on a chair there.At the instant of his entry a foul fishy smell blown in, to fill the room,Raju could barely checked disgorging of the small lunch he had.Lastly he could gained some courage to ask the stranger, "Who you? Where from?"

Some good seconds of uncomfortable silence passed.Then Raju heard a deep painful moaning,the stranger was weeping with intermittent soliloquy.Holding his head between his palms.

    "Nitaaai...ohh!.....Neetaai...where.. you.. are? My ..son...come on ...Nitai..come..to ..your Dad..weep.I can't live without you Nitai,..come on Nitai come on."
Raju told"Don't know who you are,or what happened to you? I am giving you a towel, dry your self" talking so came closer to him,and told again"Let me bring the lantern,and will prepare a cup of tea for both of us.There after i shall listen to your grief".
   "No..Nooh my son don't bring the lantern here"commanded the stranger grabbing Raju's hand for some seconds. A hard ice chill palm shaken ed Raju.As if rigor mortise had set in to the hands hours before.
Again Raju asked "Who you"?

"I shall introduce me later.You tell me first have you seen my son Nitai?I lost him since three days,tell me ,tell me please"started weeping again."Raju do you know?Nitai can't live without me,and me too can't stay without him.So why this is happening?Three long days gone we are apart from each other?How?"

Grief stricken Raju answered "No Sir,i have not seen him."

In the midst of all these sounds of an advancing tumult was heard.Seemed a bunch of people were coming hurriedly and noisily Soon after a chorus of "Raajuuu, oopen the door" rammed in to his auditory nerves.
Leaving the stranger behind Raju rushed to open the front door.At once a group of frightened people hurriedly fall in to the room.There were some known faces  in the group also,but they looked bewildered and gasping.

  "What happened? Why you are so frightened? Raju exclaimed.
Samar the leader of the group replied"Haradhan Sir,you might remember Raju.Our sanskrit teacher, committed suicide  at forenoon to day.We took his corpse for cremation some two hours back.As we reached the burning ghat storm intensified,and we resigned to a shed near by, leaving the corpse behind.When the storm recessed a bit, we returned to the corpse ,but shocked and frightened to found only the stretcher lying there no corpse. Fearfully we begun to search near by,but couldn't continue as all of us begun sensing some ethereal bodies moving around us,and heard threatening grown form a pack of aggressive jackal. We couldn't stand any more and ran out of the scene.So sad of Haradhan sir ,Raju you might know, his only son Nitai died of typhoid :the day before yesterday.Since then he became almost mad,begun searching his beloved son in every nook and corner of the village.He refused to believe the death of his son.But his aged heart couldn't bear the pressure from such a deep sorrow and succumbed to it eventually."

"Nitai?.....Haradhan Sir?" Raju cried in utter disbelief.
Ran frantically to the kitchen, only to found the empty chair,wide open door, no trace of that stranger,suddenly stormy wind brought a faint sound.........Neeetaaaaiii...........

Raju was sense less for more than an hour.

Thanks spending so much of precious time.

Monday, February 28, 2011

The concept of time-3

www.google.co.inShrinkage of time:-
In previous post, i mentioned about this phenomena. Let discuss it. Will try to find, how your watch goes behind to some given conditions. Behind not 'slow', the word slow means moving ahead at a minimal speed.Here it means going behind,but not in terms of length in terms of time. So using the word slow might not be appropriate.

Imagine to your limit to some colossal rather astronomic figures.Did?Thanks,now let's start ,though it needs some calculations,but if i do that most of my readers may get bored with it,even annoyed also.So allow me to put the results only. Suppose you're riding an Einstein train along an endless railway track,at a speed of 240,000km/sec,setting your wrist watch(that designer one) with the clock of the boarding station.your destination? Let 864000,000km. away.The clock of that station shows same time with the boarding one. How much time it will take to reach the destination, relative to the station clock? Simple 864,000,000/240,000= 1hour= 60 minutes.Remember not relative to your wrist watch.Why? Because it will differ,no i am not puzzling you. Come see how?

Here i have to introduce another character an observer,who is watching you travelling from a stationery platform. Now,travelling at that astronomical speed you're requested to lit an electric torch placed on the floor of that train,focusing to the ceiling of that train,where a mirror is fitted. What will be the path of the focused beam, to you? Vertically up to the mirror,reflected and vertically down to the source, the torch. Yes the mirror assumed to be a plain one,not concave or convex. For the observer standing motionless compared to the platform is completely different. Here i will request you again, forget our every day standards,experiences. Stay in that astronomic imaginary state of standards.For the observer the time it takes the beam to travel from the source to mirror, the mirrors shifts towards the motion of the train:again the time it takes from mirror back to the source,the source(torch) shifts the same distance i.e. the distance the beam traveled from source to the shifted mirror(an angular distance).Remember light travels @300,000km/sec. What we derive from here? Is for the observer the path of that torch beam forms an isosceles triangle.What was your's? A vertical straight line. So your path is smaller than the observer.What you say? Am i correct? In other words you may say the time interval at the station is greater than your's on board. If i take the time interval of the beam from source to mirror and back to source as 10(ten) minutes,its easy to calculate the height of the train,will be an astronomical figure, no matter with that kind of speed.Now from laws of triangles you can easily calculate the relation of the time interval in between you and the observer.I am avoiding all those calculations here.The results of the calculation shows,what? An unbelievable one. That while 10(ten) minutes has passed in the station clock,only 6(six) minutes has passed in your clock.Why?As your beam path is lesser than that of the observer.So the ratio is 6:10 or 6/10.
Now you can easily find out what it will be for an one hour journey? 60 minutes (one hour) for the station clocks and 60x6/10= 36 minutes for your watch i.e. 24 minutes behind the station clock or the time lag is 24 minutes.Amazing isn't it? The greater the speed of the train the bigger the time lag. If we continue to accelerate the speed of the train up to the 0.9999 part of the light speed(i.e.3000,000km/sec),only one minute will pass in your watch against 60 minutes of the station clock.............. ridiculous? boring?pardon but bear with me up to the next post

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The concept of time-2

Let us find how we derived the current calculation of time.All we know from our 10th standard geography, that to calculate time and to have the businesses run logically throughout the sphere of the Earth.We have drawn imaginary lines,such as longitudes, latitudes, Internationale date line and the concept of G.M.T. These systems runs purely depending on Sunlight. Whenever The Sun comes directly on top of a longitude,the time assumed along that longitude is 12 noon,as it advances with the spin of The Earth to another longitude 15 degree apart from the first one and comes right on top of it,the time there is 12 noon again along with that later longitude. Here lies the concealed thread of present calculation of time.We have assumed the time taken in between, by The Sun to shower his lights directly on those two longitudes as1(one) hour= 60(sixty) minutes = 60x60(seconds) = micro = nano etc. etc.

         When The Sun returns on top of the first longitude again,after one full circle revolution of Earth,assumed as 24 hours, a day. Normally we see it as from Sun rise to Sun set and from Sun set to Sun rise = 24(twenty four) hours.

          Now what we get from here? Just stop your eyes for a while,and open the third one: you will see that our all powerful time is sleeping like an innocent babe in the lap of light, more precisely the speed of light.You may know that light is nothing but a continuous flow of photon particles at an astronomical speed. These par-
-ticles causes sensation to our optical nerves enabling us to see. In a lighter way you may say the greater the
 photons absorbed by your skin, the darker you are,and vice versa for whites,So curse or praise thy photons for your complexion,since the more the reflected photons falls on your optical nerve the whiter you see.
          Come to the point again.Time is purely dependent on the speed of light. But the spin of Earth? It's speed? This is also dependent on the speed of light,because the ultimate( not theoretically) earthly workable speed is the speed of light.All other earthly speed is relative to it in different methods.Beyond the speed of light, The Einstein's,The Hawking' s intervenes and only energies all the way no matters,I, we,you, they,cities, jungles,oceans,facebook,blog,tweeter,adsense,money everything everything.
           So now it can be said 'the concept of time' is based upon nothing but the speed of the photon particles
(1,86000miles/sec) i.e.the photo i.e. the light.Lets take an example, suppose you are placed with your gold plated designer Rolex watch studded with diamonds in place of numbers, in such a place in the cosmos, where there is lights only with same intensity(lumens)throughout, or some where, there is only pitch black darkness no lights at all.Can your precious watch show time to guide your work? A loud no.
 There will be only meaningless movement of the hands, no time at all. In that universe,what will happen to all the importances, myths of our concept of time, or what about the great Nesfields book of grammar?How will
you describe your age,without having no workable concept of time there?

            I shouldn't fail to mention Kirti Mukherjee my fellow blogger,she rightly commented on my last post.If
 i am not wrong to recall she commented 'this is an another universe,not known to us' right Kirti.I agree with you, but sure within the galaxies some where,some form, may be almost beyond our wisdom at present.Inspire me to think of that as all of you did earlier. It is you all, my fellow bloggers motivated me to publish this post, so quick to my standard.

           The eternal quest of mankind(The thinker creature) ' to know the unknown,to see the unseen' brought us from tree tops to mansions,to facebooks,to adsense,to the need of money etc.etc. May be one day again it may lead us to somewhere sometime. Which we can, not even dare to imagine now,or dreamt off.
            To the point again,normally our world are controlled by four dimensions viz. Length,Breadth,Width the simple three, the other looks very simple(but in disguise) is the 'time' my subject here.The most important one from any  stand point religious to scientific to philosophic or any known point.This works best in the frame marginalized by the speed of light. that is our known world. Some where I read, might be in Roy's blog
that'time has no dimension'. No my friends it has dimensions viz. 'time frames',at least theoretically now.

            Our known world will become completely unknown, if we compare our concept of time relative to a time frame marginalized by a speed twice the speed of light.In this domain you may ridiculously find yourself
boarding a train running twice the speed of light at any given day at 4.0PM, and reaching your destination same day with your designer watch showing 3.50PM.no typing mistake actually 3.50PM.Ten minutes behind
This phenomena is called 'shrinkage of time" with that kind of astronomical speeds'.Reminds me A.G. Gardner's article'Old proverbs made new'. will you mind if I apply this to the proverb 'Time and Tides Waits for none'................Wait for next post and come back if you liked this subject, if so encourage me by leaving your valuable comment here. Thanks.

The concept of Time-1

www.google.co.in       Almost everything can be defined in terms of 'Time'.But what is the definition of time?Though all of us are tightly tied by 24*7*365,all of our works are time bound.Praise the person, who is perfect about time.Successful,thy timing of execution of work is just right.In cricketing word, if the timing is perfect, it's an over boundary for you.But if it is wrong,a dolly catch might be,and you are out.If your mom had delivered you in exact delivery time frame, then you were a matured baby,if that was earlier than predicted ,you were an immature baby.again if that had crossed the predicted time,a doctor could have intervened to save the life of both you and your mom Can mention millions of such aspects of our life and of our surroundings,which are governed,reared and executed depending on time
     What is time?How can you define it?Do you feel it,sense it,see it,touch it? A big NO.Can calculate it only.according to the concepts derived. Ancient Hindus used it as 'danda(hour)','pal(second)','prahar(3hrs),'dibas(day 12hrs),'ratri(night 12hrs)'mas(month30day+30ratri)'batsar(year 12months).Other races used some other standards. Modern world wide accepted system needs no introduction, is second,minute,hour,day,month, year....etc.
       But,what are the bases of deriving the amount of pal or second? Generally we treat 'second'as a primary unit,and everything gets weighed relative to it. Is it actually so? No, it has been derived from some other universal/cosmic phenomena,so we have another almost(yes 'almost' as this also is not ultimate theoretically) ultimate standard. Some of us are nevertheless aware of it,but i am sure the larger audience/readers are not.
 There will be a great success or me if at least one such reader,finds this article worth thinking,and thinks for a while.Moreover I am very much enthusiastic,to have dialog with interested readers.
      Let's come to the point again 'the concept of time'. If the base unit of this concept is made a little faster,you can't imagine what you might get to see,or at least what that you will find in your work sheets,shall surely make you loosing all earthly standards you see, you believe,you earned etc. The most shocking blow comes from the total failure of concept of time. Grammar books may be required to get rewritten. Meaning of tenses past,present,future becomes ridiculous. You may really slow your wrist watch down(not by regulating it). May be you are thinking I am joking. No my dear,its science,  can be proved on paper through calculation.I am trying to make this article calculation free, so that it becomes understandable to larger sections of readers.Gradually through my next posts, I shall try to explain the questions, I raised here and the queries that might come from you...........................so wait for next post  

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Story of an unknown Indian P-5

Mr.Ajit G replied that the section of the garden where maintenance works were scheduled to be held to day;there a big leopard attempted to kill and drag, a grown up cow,just around forty five minutes ago.The crime scene was just some hundred meters away from here.The crime was attempted at about thirty to forty meters south east in front of the sub staffs(Jr supervisors). Who went there about an hour ago, to distribute the jobs of in coming laborers according to their given tools such shovel carriers for raking and weeding,others who were having kalam churis(sharp cutting tool) for trimming and cutting Tea branches etc.It was a very unnatural behavior from a leopard to try to kill his prey in day light,when there was every possibility of an audience.The beast was must be very hungry and desperate to quench his hunger.It was reported that the injured cow was still lying at the spot,and the attacker had not withdrawn the claim from his prey,and was hiding nearby. To claim his stake alive was making fearful compressed growing intermittently. Now if that beast was not drove away from that area,A whole day of at least sixteen hundred man-hours would go ashtray
                 Here it should had been mentioned that Mr Ajit G was a very experienced hunter.His living   room was full of trophies and taxidermed beasts like Royal Bengal tigers, leopards,Bison heads etc.as testimony of his hunting skills.
                 Ajit G. added that So young man if you have courage in you,and want to have a special experience follow me.But again I must remind you that the beast seems to be a very dangerous one,so be very careful of yourself and keep curiosity under control...............contd.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Where we are?What is our true origin/address?

www.google.co.inIf any one asks your address? A very simple answer shall come.Your city,your province,your country,eventually The Earth.Someone can go even further mentioning the solar system.But from here you might loose the argument behind your address.
Come lets have a little deeper look.After solar system there comes the galaxies,but then? Had you think of it?Any moment?
Sometimes when I tried to thought about it,searching if I could struck any answer?What I got? Just found me in a perplexed condition,at a heightened cranial pressure.
How many galaxies exists in the Universe?How many solar systems might exists in those galaxies?What number of habitable planets there could be in those solar systems?As you know what the acceptable theory of birth of solar system says, The Big Bang. How this relates with your address? If you consider a comparing unit beyond, you will find nothing is static,constantly changing,hard to find a pure address.
Lets see what Big Bang says,that as soon as the Great Egg exploded(the mother of all explosions)all the parts and percales,to be precise all the objects of the Universe, galaxies,solar systems literally all the living,dead or non living objects we see around us every day.That includes those we don't see around us,but surely there in the Cosmos. Started to drift form each other at an speed almost equaling to the speed of light,within millions part of a nano second, and still travelling in same fashion.Where are they going,how long they will keep going?We don't know,probably they also don't know. This endless has been happening since the Big Bang.Hundreds of crores years ago.Is there any end point, any destination?Everything we see,we feel,we sense,we see, we taste,we think, we know,we embrace,we avoid all that we can or can't do are the product of that great explosion.
                         You may want to go further asking their addresses before the explosion?Obvious answer is within the egg.Now I ask you form where and how they came,and get to assemble the egg?
Who were their actual moms, grand moms,great grand moms.......moms,and so on?Which was the actual start and how?Why they wanted to get came closer/assemble to form that egg?
Which force drove them to form the egg? Oh! another question.But if there was any such force/From where that came?Who exerted the force and why?What was the intention of doing so?
Here I should make clear that ,I am trying to find,or pointing(as some might think) towards the belief of Gods creation.Who likes, is free to think so.I am trying find the answer from hard sciences.
                          At this point some newer theories telling about energy,the string theory etc.I also like to believe that that it was might be in the form of energy,an unthinkable quantity of energy following the law of Einstein on conversion masses to energy and vice versa,produced all the masses of the Universe.But again I landed to an another question. Where from those energies came?The moms their moms and so on of those energies? Now can you tell me what is our actual address, our origin?
Truly unthinkable.Isn't it?Whenever I tried, at this point my cranial server crashes out.
I don't know, whether I could made my thinkings clear to you?whether I could wrote it in a correct way?But I can't resist my self to feel that I could have made you understand the queries behind my writing.
Waiting eagerly for your valued comments.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Princess May,was born in the month of May 1919,in England.Her Royal highness,Maharani of Jaipur Gayetri Devi.Was the princess of coochbehar. She was a proud daughter of cooch behar,was the most renowned and presentable face of cooch behar,till her noble soul took the eternal journey. She was picked among Worlds ten beautiful women, of her time by Vouge magazine..Educated in Santiniketan, the ashram founded by nobel laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore, and in Switzerland. Her child hood and teen playful days memories can still be heard,in the corridors, bricks of the cooch behar palace.The soil, the dust of the ground; in front of the palace never fails to call to the enthusiastic or to the admirers and even to any plain tourist"Here Ayesha(nick named by her mom Indira Devi the princess of Baroda) played hide and seek with her pals,there in the room in second floor facing west spent long time playing dolls house.You see, the left side of palace, where there could be found wreckage of a temple,do you know what she used to do there? She playfully worshiped Lord Shiva there.There along the fencing a thin lane ran across it of almost two kilometre long.
She used to learn and practised horse riding there.The royal who never tried to be royal before any common cooch beharite.To many many cooch beharites she was not the Princess but motherly guardian.
To me she was a fairy tale in person,something that was heard sitting in the lap of grandpa and ma in the stories, came from their mouth.Something that was dreamt in many child hood nights.my subconscious vision saw a very beautiful fairy tale princess in dazzling white lased dress,was coming fast riding a snow white stallion,her long dark hairs were were flying back. Who she was? One night when I just crossed teen, Freud, came in my sleep and whispered to my ears; you dreamt of Princess May.Divine! Wasn't that?
It was such a big life,could never be described in this short span.
A loss for us that would never be fulfilled.
                                                               Rajbari close(palace)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Lets go,
Yes Sir, and then the young man(let his name was DNG) followed MR. Ajit G.

That was the extreme east section of the garden. You may know the continuous carpet of tea bushes,were often cut by thin walking lanes.With all the alertness in the world they were started moving slowly; towards the arena, along such a thin lane.
As they were moving closer, they noticed from a distance of about fifty meters or so, that two junior supervisors were standing in the midst of a lane crossing. They were waving their hands, signalling to went to them.
In the mean time a whole lot of around three hundred to four hundred peoples/laborers were gathered along the main road.The road ran through the southern side of that section.
Now they were almost in the threshold of entering the ring. Suddenly Mr. A.G.(AJIT. G.) halted and turned to DNG. Asked him in a very gruff voice "Look this is a very dangerous game. Rather a question of life and death.You are a newly married man. A slight mistake can cost your life. Your dress is also very unsuitable for the cause. Still you can back up."
DNG was found himself dumbfound, to saw that A.G. had changed completely,he was not the man who was patted his back so gently a little while ago. That was a man who was very determined,focussed and highly strung.He was looking as if his adrenalin was pumping so fast, that all his sensory organs had doubled their work. His sixth sense had unfolded all his antennas to catch even a nimble signal.
DNG thought if he back tracks, he would had to walk back alone through a lonely lane, of about sixty meters. During back journey always there was a viable chance to encounter that angry dangerous beast alone. Surely he would not survive,as there would be no body to help him.
Again, though there persisted a fair amount of threat of being with Mr. A.G. But there would be an experienced hunter  with him to support. He opted not to back track.
"No Sir" he replied.
In this fear full dangerous atmosphere, he did not wanted to loose the felling of being accompanied ,by a seasoned,experienced hunter.who did earned many laurels in big game hunting.
"Well' the only word came out from  the mouth of Mr. A.G...............PLEASE WAIT FOR NEXT POST.

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Guess Who? No reward for right answer.

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Story of an unknown Indian-4

saw many people moving hastily towards east, beyond his school.It was just 7/7.30 am, at the start of December.when the grasses in the field starts twinkling in morning sun,thanks to the overnight due resting on their tip,before drying away soon. Winter was not chilling yet on those areas;rather was giving a sigh of relief from scorching Indian summer.It was maintenance time for any Tea garden of that region. As the main job of plucking of Tea leaves halted.During this period all the work force were diverted to the maintenance of the gardens. That day also started like any other maintenance day. laborers were gearing up to enter a certain section of the garden, for raking,weeding manuring etc, armed with plain shovels,fingered shovels and kalam churis(a sharp cutting tool of special shape, to cut and trim tea branches.This helps growing of new shoots filled with caffeine).The time when winter starts in those regions,always a pleasant time,a festive tune seem rang silently in the ear always.In such a very good morning situation,the young groom who came in that area for just a month or so.Went out for his class rooms,after drinking a cup of loveble tea,prepared by his loving new bride. Being a fashionable Bengali youth of that time.Do you know?What was his attire?Snow white fine dhoti with evenly matched fine cotton punjabi,a parker pen in book pocket,glasskit pump shoes.He was happily moving towards his school humming a favorite Tagore song.
The noise was like bolt from blue to him, and simultaneous view of hastily moving laborers,his adrenalin glands begun pumping fast.That put him in utter tension for a very possible adventure. He loudly asked "what happened?"But there were no body in mood to answer his question,except only one who just replied 'Leopard'. For a moment he was in a fix, to found what to do?Should he proceed with them or not?
As he was thinking like that,received a gentle pat on his back.He turned to found that Mr. AjitG Asst. manager was standing right behind him,with his double barrell cordite rifle fully loaded in his hands.
Have you seen an angry wild leopard before?Ajit G asked him gently. 'No' he replied.
Do you want to see it now? 'Yes'he replied.
Can you gauge the risk involved in it? 'No Sir' this will be my first time. He replied.
What happened Sir? he asked to Mr. Ajit G................contd. wait for next post.

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elton john - candle in the wind

happy new year 2011

www.google.co.inWELCOME 2011.Heartiest congratulations to all  readers of my blog.May the almighty shower his blessings to you all.wish a very happy, prosperous, peaceful 2011. Last year was very notable for me in many ways.I started blogging,face book etc.Through it connected with many peoples of note through out the world,among them, I must mention Swati Zaveri of Rajkot.In a brief interaction with her, she impressed me a lot.The simple gujju nari seems quite out standing to me.May god bless her and her family.Wish i could talk to her mother tongue.Well there are many other things to share.Just think about the 'The Durban Delight' by team India.Have you note how Sreesanth made Kallis out, dancing in the crease.Over the years we were used to see that happened to Indian batsmen by foreign country fast bowlers.Oh!what a revealing  sight to watch.I think Team India shall return with a winning note.What you say?
This is the 150th year birth anniversary of Gurudev Rabindra nath Tagore,we must show due dilligence in celebrating it.Let me finish in, His words 'Aguner parash mani choao prane.A jiban punnya karo, A jiban punnya karo-- dahana dane...e..    
wait for story of an unknown Indian -4..........................stop.