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Google: "Baro vaisa-Baro Vaisa" (means the the largest antelope in the world, Indian Gaur or Bison named in local tribes vocabulary. Baro Vaisa or the big buffalo as they call it) a continuous instigating loud cry, enraged my auditory system. Totally disrespecting the last minute preparation of English paper,of a candidate,who was preparing for school leaving board exam. After almost thirty three years i can vividly recall the happenings like video show.The horrific natural, cent percent true life experience. Which etched in my memories permanently.I shouldn't be alive to blog this to day,thanks to a domestic buffalo,allowing me the chance. It was 17th January 1976 morning about 7.30am.
I was taking coaching attentively from my private tutor. My reading room was in the eastern most corner of my dad's wood bungalow with masterfully weaved grass tops,having a big window facing south. I was seating adjacent to the window keeping that left of me. It was full winte…