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Leopard and man

Dreaded Leopard attack on a police man frame by frame.

This news and photos were published in largest circulated bengali news daily"Ananda Bazar Patrika" ON 20/07/11. Crime scene was at "Limbu Basti"near Siliguri some one eighty kilometres away from my home ton Cooch behar,on 19/07/11 morning.The full grown male leopard ventured out from forest near by,to the village.Forest officers were informed by police soon.Dart gun specialist Kanchan Banerjee came at once with dart gun,net and his team geared up with helmets protectcive jackets etc.They know from their long experience that a frightened,cornered full grown leopard is most deadliest of animals. Eventually they netted the beast, but in between it wounded a number of people seriously, including police,villagers and forest guards. Sorry again, the beast couldn't survive and died in exhaustion

Courtesy:......Ananda Bazar Patrika

Birth of Munni

Since some days i was feeling demotivated to write any, reasons unknown.Took the pen, tried the keyboard two,three,four plus plus times but the results were same,nothing came up.
My elder daughter often inquired "Dad have you wrote anything new?NO.....but why?why you're not updating your blog?It's bad". "Will do soon" only i could replied to her.Actually i was trying to avoid her.Suddenly this idea struck my gray matters "hey how it will be,to figure her in my new post"?Won't be a bad idea,so engaged in it.Interestingly the dumb key board started talking.
On her arrival to life rendered me immaculate pleasure and sense of creating something which i could meaningfully gifted to the mankind. Twenty first July 1994;the preceding day i went to her grandpa's(mom side) house,some sixty kms away from my own.Where her expecting,like fully bloomed lotus mom was staying since some days.Gestation was just matured, any time her entry to life might get all…