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Monday, February 28, 2011

The concept of time-3

www.google.co.inShrinkage of time:-
In previous post, i mentioned about this phenomena. Let discuss it. Will try to find, how your watch goes behind to some given conditions. Behind not 'slow', the word slow means moving ahead at a minimal speed.Here it means going behind,but not in terms of length in terms of time. So using the word slow might not be appropriate.

Imagine to your limit to some colossal rather astronomic figures.Did?Thanks,now let's start ,though it needs some calculations,but if i do that most of my readers may get bored with it,even annoyed also.So allow me to put the results only. Suppose you're riding an Einstein train along an endless railway track,at a speed of 240,000km/sec,setting your wrist watch(that designer one) with the clock of the boarding station.your destination? Let 864000,000km. away.The clock of that station shows same time with the boarding one. How much time it will take to reach the destination, relative to the station clock? Simple 864,000,000/240,000= 1hour= 60 minutes.Remember not relative to your wrist watch.Why? Because it will differ,no i am not puzzling you. Come see how?

Here i have to introduce another character an observer,who is watching you travelling from a stationery platform. Now,travelling at that astronomical speed you're requested to lit an electric torch placed on the floor of that train,focusing to the ceiling of that train,where a mirror is fitted. What will be the path of the focused beam, to you? Vertically up to the mirror,reflected and vertically down to the source, the torch. Yes the mirror assumed to be a plain one,not concave or convex. For the observer standing motionless compared to the platform is completely different. Here i will request you again, forget our every day standards,experiences. Stay in that astronomic imaginary state of standards.For the observer the time it takes the beam to travel from the source to mirror, the mirrors shifts towards the motion of the train:again the time it takes from mirror back to the source,the source(torch) shifts the same distance i.e. the distance the beam traveled from source to the shifted mirror(an angular distance).Remember light travels @300,000km/sec. What we derive from here? Is for the observer the path of that torch beam forms an isosceles triangle.What was your's? A vertical straight line. So your path is smaller than the observer.What you say? Am i correct? In other words you may say the time interval at the station is greater than your's on board. If i take the time interval of the beam from source to mirror and back to source as 10(ten) minutes,its easy to calculate the height of the train,will be an astronomical figure, no matter with that kind of speed.Now from laws of triangles you can easily calculate the relation of the time interval in between you and the observer.I am avoiding all those calculations here.The results of the calculation shows,what? An unbelievable one. That while 10(ten) minutes has passed in the station clock,only 6(six) minutes has passed in your clock.Why?As your beam path is lesser than that of the observer.So the ratio is 6:10 or 6/10.
Now you can easily find out what it will be for an one hour journey? 60 minutes (one hour) for the station clocks and 60x6/10= 36 minutes for your watch i.e. 24 minutes behind the station clock or the time lag is 24 minutes.Amazing isn't it? The greater the speed of the train the bigger the time lag. If we continue to accelerate the speed of the train up to the 0.9999 part of the light speed(i.e.3000,000km/sec),only one minute will pass in your watch against 60 minutes of the station clock.............. ridiculous? boring?pardon but bear with me up to the next post

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The concept of time-2

Let us find how we derived the current calculation of time.All we know from our 10th standard geography, that to calculate time and to have the businesses run logically throughout the sphere of the Earth.We have drawn imaginary lines,such as longitudes, latitudes, Internationale date line and the concept of G.M.T. These systems runs purely depending on Sunlight. Whenever The Sun comes directly on top of a longitude,the time assumed along that longitude is 12 noon,as it advances with the spin of The Earth to another longitude 15 degree apart from the first one and comes right on top of it,the time there is 12 noon again along with that later longitude. Here lies the concealed thread of present calculation of time.We have assumed the time taken in between, by The Sun to shower his lights directly on those two longitudes as1(one) hour= 60(sixty) minutes = 60x60(seconds) = micro = nano etc. etc.

         When The Sun returns on top of the first longitude again,after one full circle revolution of Earth,assumed as 24 hours, a day. Normally we see it as from Sun rise to Sun set and from Sun set to Sun rise = 24(twenty four) hours.

          Now what we get from here? Just stop your eyes for a while,and open the third one: you will see that our all powerful time is sleeping like an innocent babe in the lap of light, more precisely the speed of light.You may know that light is nothing but a continuous flow of photon particles at an astronomical speed. These par-
-ticles causes sensation to our optical nerves enabling us to see. In a lighter way you may say the greater the
 photons absorbed by your skin, the darker you are,and vice versa for whites,So curse or praise thy photons for your complexion,since the more the reflected photons falls on your optical nerve the whiter you see.
          Come to the point again.Time is purely dependent on the speed of light. But the spin of Earth? It's speed? This is also dependent on the speed of light,because the ultimate( not theoretically) earthly workable speed is the speed of light.All other earthly speed is relative to it in different methods.Beyond the speed of light, The Einstein's,The Hawking' s intervenes and only energies all the way no matters,I, we,you, they,cities, jungles,oceans,facebook,blog,tweeter,adsense,money everything everything.
           So now it can be said 'the concept of time' is based upon nothing but the speed of the photon particles
(1,86000miles/sec) i.e.the photo i.e. the light.Lets take an example, suppose you are placed with your gold plated designer Rolex watch studded with diamonds in place of numbers, in such a place in the cosmos, where there is lights only with same intensity(lumens)throughout, or some where, there is only pitch black darkness no lights at all.Can your precious watch show time to guide your work? A loud no.
 There will be only meaningless movement of the hands, no time at all. In that universe,what will happen to all the importances, myths of our concept of time, or what about the great Nesfields book of grammar?How will
you describe your age,without having no workable concept of time there?

            I shouldn't fail to mention Kirti Mukherjee my fellow blogger,she rightly commented on my last post.If
 i am not wrong to recall she commented 'this is an another universe,not known to us' right Kirti.I agree with you, but sure within the galaxies some where,some form, may be almost beyond our wisdom at present.Inspire me to think of that as all of you did earlier. It is you all, my fellow bloggers motivated me to publish this post, so quick to my standard.

           The eternal quest of mankind(The thinker creature) ' to know the unknown,to see the unseen' brought us from tree tops to mansions,to facebooks,to adsense,to the need of money etc.etc. May be one day again it may lead us to somewhere sometime. Which we can, not even dare to imagine now,or dreamt off.
            To the point again,normally our world are controlled by four dimensions viz. Length,Breadth,Width the simple three, the other looks very simple(but in disguise) is the 'time' my subject here.The most important one from any  stand point religious to scientific to philosophic or any known point.This works best in the frame marginalized by the speed of light. that is our known world. Some where I read, might be in Roy's blog
that'time has no dimension'. No my friends it has dimensions viz. 'time frames',at least theoretically now.

            Our known world will become completely unknown, if we compare our concept of time relative to a time frame marginalized by a speed twice the speed of light.In this domain you may ridiculously find yourself
boarding a train running twice the speed of light at any given day at 4.0PM, and reaching your destination same day with your designer watch showing 3.50PM.no typing mistake actually 3.50PM.Ten minutes behind
This phenomena is called 'shrinkage of time" with that kind of astronomical speeds'.Reminds me A.G. Gardner's article'Old proverbs made new'. will you mind if I apply this to the proverb 'Time and Tides Waits for none'................Wait for next post and come back if you liked this subject, if so encourage me by leaving your valuable comment here. Thanks.

The concept of Time-1

www.google.co.in       Almost everything can be defined in terms of 'Time'.But what is the definition of time?Though all of us are tightly tied by 24*7*365,all of our works are time bound.Praise the person, who is perfect about time.Successful,thy timing of execution of work is just right.In cricketing word, if the timing is perfect, it's an over boundary for you.But if it is wrong,a dolly catch might be,and you are out.If your mom had delivered you in exact delivery time frame, then you were a matured baby,if that was earlier than predicted ,you were an immature baby.again if that had crossed the predicted time,a doctor could have intervened to save the life of both you and your mom Can mention millions of such aspects of our life and of our surroundings,which are governed,reared and executed depending on time
     What is time?How can you define it?Do you feel it,sense it,see it,touch it? A big NO.Can calculate it only.according to the concepts derived. Ancient Hindus used it as 'danda(hour)','pal(second)','prahar(3hrs),'dibas(day 12hrs),'ratri(night 12hrs)'mas(month30day+30ratri)'batsar(year 12months).Other races used some other standards. Modern world wide accepted system needs no introduction, is second,minute,hour,day,month, year....etc.
       But,what are the bases of deriving the amount of pal or second? Generally we treat 'second'as a primary unit,and everything gets weighed relative to it. Is it actually so? No, it has been derived from some other universal/cosmic phenomena,so we have another almost(yes 'almost' as this also is not ultimate theoretically) ultimate standard. Some of us are nevertheless aware of it,but i am sure the larger audience/readers are not.
 There will be a great success or me if at least one such reader,finds this article worth thinking,and thinks for a while.Moreover I am very much enthusiastic,to have dialog with interested readers.
      Let's come to the point again 'the concept of time'. If the base unit of this concept is made a little faster,you can't imagine what you might get to see,or at least what that you will find in your work sheets,shall surely make you loosing all earthly standards you see, you believe,you earned etc. The most shocking blow comes from the total failure of concept of time. Grammar books may be required to get rewritten. Meaning of tenses past,present,future becomes ridiculous. You may really slow your wrist watch down(not by regulating it). May be you are thinking I am joking. No my dear,its science,  can be proved on paper through calculation.I am trying to make this article calculation free, so that it becomes understandable to larger sections of readers.Gradually through my next posts, I shall try to explain the questions, I raised here and the queries that might come from you...........................so wait for next post  

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Story of an unknown Indian P-5

Mr.Ajit G replied that the section of the garden where maintenance works were scheduled to be held to day;there a big leopard attempted to kill and drag, a grown up cow,just around forty five minutes ago.The crime scene was just some hundred meters away from here.The crime was attempted at about thirty to forty meters south east in front of the sub staffs(Jr supervisors). Who went there about an hour ago, to distribute the jobs of in coming laborers according to their given tools such shovel carriers for raking and weeding,others who were having kalam churis(sharp cutting tool) for trimming and cutting Tea branches etc.It was a very unnatural behavior from a leopard to try to kill his prey in day light,when there was every possibility of an audience.The beast was must be very hungry and desperate to quench his hunger.It was reported that the injured cow was still lying at the spot,and the attacker had not withdrawn the claim from his prey,and was hiding nearby. To claim his stake alive was making fearful compressed growing intermittently. Now if that beast was not drove away from that area,A whole day of at least sixteen hundred man-hours would go ashtray
                 Here it should had been mentioned that Mr Ajit G was a very experienced hunter.His living   room was full of trophies and taxidermed beasts like Royal Bengal tigers, leopards,Bison heads etc.as testimony of his hunting skills.
                 Ajit G. added that So young man if you have courage in you,and want to have a special experience follow me.But again I must remind you that the beast seems to be a very dangerous one,so be very careful of yourself and keep curiosity under control...............contd.