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---------------------- It's divine, its joy,it's love,its win, it's affection,it's nature,it's celestial,it's many more.But it's truly relative,changes with time,state of mind,situation of theater,our urge,our experiences;changes our opinions on beauty.What is very beautiful to some one some time,to some age some situation, is completely reverse in another condition.Suppose, the very beautiful actress whom you and your bosom friend consider 'the prettiest woman in the world',and would be in seventh heaven,to get a chance to meet her.Another day,when you were sitting on the corner table of a restaurant,just received an unbelievable news of sudden demise of your that friend,and a void getting bigger and bigger to your vision. "Excuse me may i sit here"? the actress appeared from that void and asked you. Is she will be the prettiest and beautiful as before to you ,now?Nooooo! What is ugly to some society,cherished in some other. What is …