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Monday, February 27, 2012


Google: "Baro vaisa-Baro Vaisa" (means the the largest antelope in the world, Indian Gaur or Bison named in local tribes vocabulary. Baro Vaisa or the big buffalo as they call it) a continuous instigating loud cry, enraged my auditory system. Totally disrespecting the last minute preparation of English paper,of a candidate,who was preparing for school leaving board exam. After almost thirty three years i can vividly recall the happenings like video show.The horrific natural, cent percent true life experience. Which etched in my memories permanently. I shouldn't be alive to blog this to day,thanks to a domestic buffalo,allowing me the chance. It was 17th January 1976 morning about 7.30am.
I was taking coaching attentively from my private tutor. My reading room was in the eastern most corner of my dad's wood bungalow with masterfully weaved grass tops,having a big window facing south. I was seating adjacent to the window keeping that left of me. It was full winter there. I was getting the view of sparkling dew drops, at the tip of grasses of the field in front of our bungalow, under warm morning sun. Some twenty minutes ago tea laborers finished their rally towards the working area of their tea garden 'Mathura Tea Estate'. Situated in the back drop of Bhutan hills of Himalayan range,passionately flanking the pristine 'Chilapata and Jaldapara' forests in the right. My dad being the head of field works lead the laborers. I heard from the oldies, that some times rouge Bison,after loosing the battle of 'alpha male' intrudes the garden for refuge. In those situations. the gigantic powerful beast runs with very high level of testosterone in his veins. Attacks violently to anything falls within his striking range, without slightest provocation. Nothing short of a Sherman tank driven by a mad merciless solider. Again that gives a rare chance to see this beautiful ferocious animal in a semi open natural habitat.