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Monday, January 31, 2011

Where we are?What is our true origin/address?

www.google.co.inIf any one asks your address? A very simple answer shall come.Your city,your province,your country,eventually The Earth.Someone can go even further mentioning the solar system.But from here you might loose the argument behind your address.
Come lets have a little deeper look.After solar system there comes the galaxies,but then? Had you think of it?Any moment?
Sometimes when I tried to thought about it,searching if I could struck any answer?What I got? Just found me in a perplexed condition,at a heightened cranial pressure.
How many galaxies exists in the Universe?How many solar systems might exists in those galaxies?What number of habitable planets there could be in those solar systems?As you know what the acceptable theory of birth of solar system says, The Big Bang. How this relates with your address? If you consider a comparing unit beyond, you will find nothing is static,constantly changing,hard to find a pure address.
Lets see what Big Bang says,that as soon as the Great Egg exploded(the mother of all explosions)all the parts and percales,to be precise all the objects of the Universe, galaxies,solar systems literally all the living,dead or non living objects we see around us every day.That includes those we don't see around us,but surely there in the Cosmos. Started to drift form each other at an speed almost equaling to the speed of light,within millions part of a nano second, and still travelling in same fashion.Where are they going,how long they will keep going?We don't know,probably they also don't know. This endless has been happening since the Big Bang.Hundreds of crores years ago.Is there any end point, any destination?Everything we see,we feel,we sense,we see, we taste,we think, we know,we embrace,we avoid all that we can or can't do are the product of that great explosion.
                         You may want to go further asking their addresses before the explosion?Obvious answer is within the egg.Now I ask you form where and how they came,and get to assemble the egg?
Who were their actual moms, grand moms,great grand moms.......moms,and so on?Which was the actual start and how?Why they wanted to get came closer/assemble to form that egg?
Which force drove them to form the egg? Oh! another question.But if there was any such force/From where that came?Who exerted the force and why?What was the intention of doing so?
Here I should make clear that ,I am trying to find,or pointing(as some might think) towards the belief of Gods creation.Who likes, is free to think so.I am trying find the answer from hard sciences.
                          At this point some newer theories telling about energy,the string theory etc.I also like to believe that that it was might be in the form of energy,an unthinkable quantity of energy following the law of Einstein on conversion masses to energy and vice versa,produced all the masses of the Universe.But again I landed to an another question. Where from those energies came?The moms their moms and so on of those energies? Now can you tell me what is our actual address, our origin?
Truly unthinkable.Isn't it?Whenever I tried, at this point my cranial server crashes out.
I don't know, whether I could made my thinkings clear to you?whether I could wrote it in a correct way?But I can't resist my self to feel that I could have made you understand the queries behind my writing.
Waiting eagerly for your valued comments.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Princess May,was born in the month of May 1919,in England.Her Royal highness,Maharani of Jaipur Gayetri Devi.Was the princess of coochbehar. She was a proud daughter of cooch behar,was the most renowned and presentable face of cooch behar,till her noble soul took the eternal journey. She was picked among Worlds ten beautiful women, of her time by Vouge magazine..Educated in Santiniketan, the ashram founded by nobel laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore, and in Switzerland. Her child hood and teen playful days memories can still be heard,in the corridors, bricks of the cooch behar palace.The soil, the dust of the ground; in front of the palace never fails to call to the enthusiastic or to the admirers and even to any plain tourist"Here Ayesha(nick named by her mom Indira Devi the princess of Baroda) played hide and seek with her pals,there in the room in second floor facing west spent long time playing dolls house.You see, the left side of palace, where there could be found wreckage of a temple,do you know what she used to do there? She playfully worshiped Lord Shiva there.There along the fencing a thin lane ran across it of almost two kilometre long.
She used to learn and practised horse riding there.The royal who never tried to be royal before any common cooch beharite.To many many cooch beharites she was not the Princess but motherly guardian.
To me she was a fairy tale in person,something that was heard sitting in the lap of grandpa and ma in the stories, came from their mouth.Something that was dreamt in many child hood nights.my subconscious vision saw a very beautiful fairy tale princess in dazzling white lased dress,was coming fast riding a snow white stallion,her long dark hairs were were flying back. Who she was? One night when I just crossed teen, Freud, came in my sleep and whispered to my ears; you dreamt of Princess May.Divine! Wasn't that?
It was such a big life,could never be described in this short span.
A loss for us that would never be fulfilled.
                                                               Rajbari close(palace)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Lets go,
Yes Sir, and then the young man(let his name was DNG) followed MR. Ajit G.

That was the extreme east section of the garden. You may know the continuous carpet of tea bushes,were often cut by thin walking lanes.With all the alertness in the world they were started moving slowly; towards the arena, along such a thin lane.
As they were moving closer, they noticed from a distance of about fifty meters or so, that two junior supervisors were standing in the midst of a lane crossing. They were waving their hands, signalling to went to them.
In the mean time a whole lot of around three hundred to four hundred peoples/laborers were gathered along the main road.The road ran through the southern side of that section.
Now they were almost in the threshold of entering the ring. Suddenly Mr. A.G.(AJIT. G.) halted and turned to DNG. Asked him in a very gruff voice "Look this is a very dangerous game. Rather a question of life and death.You are a newly married man. A slight mistake can cost your life. Your dress is also very unsuitable for the cause. Still you can back up."
DNG was found himself dumbfound, to saw that A.G. had changed completely,he was not the man who was patted his back so gently a little while ago. That was a man who was very determined,focussed and highly strung.He was looking as if his adrenalin was pumping so fast, that all his sensory organs had doubled their work. His sixth sense had unfolded all his antennas to catch even a nimble signal.
DNG thought if he back tracks, he would had to walk back alone through a lonely lane, of about sixty meters. During back journey always there was a viable chance to encounter that angry dangerous beast alone. Surely he would not survive,as there would be no body to help him.
Again, though there persisted a fair amount of threat of being with Mr. A.G. But there would be an experienced hunter  with him to support. He opted not to back track.
"No Sir" he replied.
In this fear full dangerous atmosphere, he did not wanted to loose the felling of being accompanied ,by a seasoned,experienced hunter.who did earned many laurels in big game hunting.
"Well' the only word came out from  the mouth of Mr. A.G...............PLEASE WAIT FOR NEXT POST.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Guess Who? No reward for right answer.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Story of an unknown Indian-4

saw many people moving hastily towards east, beyond his school.It was just 7/7.30 am, at the start of December.when the grasses in the field starts twinkling in morning sun,thanks to the overnight due resting on their tip,before drying away soon. Winter was not chilling yet on those areas;rather was giving a sigh of relief from scorching Indian summer.It was maintenance time for any Tea garden of that region. As the main job of plucking of Tea leaves halted.During this period all the work force were diverted to the maintenance of the gardens. That day also started like any other maintenance day. laborers were gearing up to enter a certain section of the garden, for raking,weeding manuring etc, armed with plain shovels,fingered shovels and kalam churis(a sharp cutting tool of special shape, to cut and trim tea branches.This helps growing of new shoots filled with caffeine).The time when winter starts in those regions,always a pleasant time,a festive tune seem rang silently in the ear always.In such a very good morning situation,the young groom who came in that area for just a month or so.Went out for his class rooms,after drinking a cup of loveble tea,prepared by his loving new bride. Being a fashionable Bengali youth of that time.Do you know?What was his attire?Snow white fine dhoti with evenly matched fine cotton punjabi,a parker pen in book pocket,glasskit pump shoes.He was happily moving towards his school humming a favorite Tagore song.
The noise was like bolt from blue to him, and simultaneous view of hastily moving laborers,his adrenalin glands begun pumping fast.That put him in utter tension for a very possible adventure. He loudly asked "what happened?"But there were no body in mood to answer his question,except only one who just replied 'Leopard'. For a moment he was in a fix, to found what to do?Should he proceed with them or not?
As he was thinking like that,received a gentle pat on his back.He turned to found that Mr. AjitG Asst. manager was standing right behind him,with his double barrell cordite rifle fully loaded in his hands.
Have you seen an angry wild leopard before?Ajit G asked him gently. 'No' he replied.
Do you want to see it now? 'Yes'he replied.
Can you gauge the risk involved in it? 'No Sir' this will be my first time. He replied.
What happened Sir? he asked to Mr. Ajit G................contd. wait for next post.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

elton john - candle in the wind

happy new year 2011

www.google.co.inWELCOME 2011.Heartiest congratulations to all  readers of my blog.May the almighty shower his blessings to you all.wish a very happy, prosperous, peaceful 2011. Last year was very notable for me in many ways.I started blogging,face book etc.Through it connected with many peoples of note through out the world,among them, I must mention Swati Zaveri of Rajkot.In a brief interaction with her, she impressed me a lot.The simple gujju nari seems quite out standing to me.May god bless her and her family.Wish i could talk to her mother tongue.Well there are many other things to share.Just think about the 'The Durban Delight' by team India.Have you note how Sreesanth made Kallis out, dancing in the crease.Over the years we were used to see that happened to Indian batsmen by foreign country fast bowlers.Oh!what a revealing  sight to watch.I think Team India shall return with a winning note.What you say?
This is the 150th year birth anniversary of Gurudev Rabindra nath Tagore,we must show due dilligence in celebrating it.Let me finish in, His words 'Aguner parash mani choao prane.A jiban punnya karo, A jiban punnya karo-- dahana dane...e..    
wait for story of an unknown Indian -4..........................stop.