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Royal Elephants of Cooch Behar Raj

CoochBehar Raj family always had a very strong herd of royal elephants in royal stables(pilkhana).The area atcoochbehar town still known aspilkhana,this days here lives humans with their ever lasting cry for home,food and land.The herd at any instance was over seventy or eighty. Mostly during hey days of Cooch behar Raj, the times of the most famous king of the dynasty H.R.H. Col. Nripendra Narayan. 'Debraj' was the biggest of them.more than ten feet in height, semi albino with long tusks,the intelligent bull was perfectly trained to carry  Maharaja on it's back.Debraj had total control of the herd.He was the most efficient and trustworthy companion for Maharaja, in every Sikar (shooting) expeditions of  the king  himself and with his colonial lords and friends. There were many other very good quality elephants of both bulls and cows in the pilkhana,having interesting names such asRatan Prasad, Bhup Bahadur,Nur Zehan,Sikunder,Kamakhya Prasad,Debraj,Jung Prasad, BijliPrasad…