Google: "Baro vaisa-Baro Vaisa" (means the the largest antelope in the world, Indian Gaur or Bison named in local tribes vocabulary. Baro Vaisa or the big buffalo as they call it) a continuous instigating loud cry, enraged my auditory system. Totally disrespecting the last minute preparation of English paper,of a candidate,who was preparing for school leaving board exam. After almost thirty three years i can vividly recall the happenings like video show.The horrific natural, cent percent true life experience. Which etched in my memories permanently. I shouldn't be alive to blog this to day,thanks to a domestic buffalo,allowing me the chance. It was 17th January 1976 morning about 7.30am.
I was taking coaching attentively from my private tutor. My reading room was in the eastern most corner of my dad's wood bungalow with masterfully weaved grass tops,having a big window facing south. I was seating adjacent to the window keeping that left of me. It was full winter there. I was getting the view of sparkling dew drops, at the tip of grasses of the field in front of our bungalow, under warm morning sun. Some twenty minutes ago tea laborers finished their rally towards the working area of their tea garden 'Mathura Tea Estate'. Situated in the back drop of Bhutan hills of Himalayan range,passionately flanking the pristine 'Chilapata and Jaldapara' forests in the right. My dad being the head of field works lead the laborers. I heard from the oldies, that some times rouge Bison,after loosing the battle of 'alpha male' intrudes the garden for refuge. In those situations. the gigantic powerful beast runs with very high level of testosterone in his veins. Attacks violently to anything falls within his striking range, without slightest provocation. Nothing short of a Sherman tank driven by a mad merciless solider. Again that gives a rare chance to see this beautiful ferocious animal in a semi open natural habitat.
"Baro Vaisa- Baro Vaisa" again the provoking shout shattered the calm attentive studious atmosphere. Instantly i became extreme curious to the core,smelling the chance to see the beast first in my life. Caught 'Francis' in my vision,a garden guard running madly towards west and continuously shouting to his limit "Baro Vaisa- Baro Vaisa". As i saw him running, shouted at once to him "where Francis where"? "In the 'A' section south of the main garden road" he replied without loosing a millimeter of his pace.
Mathura Tea Estate being a nineteen hundred acre garden was divided in many sections and sub sections. Every one of us in the garden had the expertise ;that we could immediately visualize the location on just hearing the name of the section. Didn't know how i forgot my exam standing a time gap of only two and half hours.
  Didn't know how i was tossed form my chair,pell-melled the study table. Only thing i could felt that 'i shouldn't miss the chance at any cost'; found myself running after Francis. My craziness paid no heed to the stopping calls from my tutor.After running about seven minutes discovered my self entering a narrow lane,heading towards 'a' section a midst the garden. Saw Francis and Dulal da(a big brother from neighbor) walking hastily towards 'a' section, immediately caught them. Francis was a thinly built short height man. The moment Dulal da found me accompanying them,heard a angry ruling low voice from him "why you came here? Don't you have your exam to day? You shouldn't be here.Any way don't get apart from me be sound less; don't make any provocative movement from your hands. I heard the beast is in the right side of this lane. So be extreme careful". I began to understand the degree of danger in it. Lips started feeling dry,chill began crawling through spine. But the infallible attraction prevented me from back tracking and dragged towards the beast.
  I was in between Dulal da and Francis and were walking in a very brisk pace. Six eye balls were concentrating so hard to the left, that we could made us enable to stop in a safe distance from the beast; at the first sight. On the right the lash green tea bush carpet studded with tall sleek rain trees spread up to two hundred meters, and then the main garden road. We could ever felt that our unjustified craziness was leading us towards a very dangerous situation inch by inch.After twenty minutes of walking, we began to feel that we should be right in to the arena. We stopped turned little bit more to left and our inquiring eyes replied where is the beast? It was blank on the left.Slowly my asking eyes turned back to Francis. Oh! where is Francis,he was missing too.How could it be,only some moments ago i heard his steps behind me,startled. Whispered to report to Dulal da "Francis was missing". "What? Unbelievable, how?" Asked me back in compressed tone. Both of us turned back  and searched Francis frantically. Aah! there he was,half way of an adolescent rain tree trunk,in bid to climb over it's tender branches, only seven or eight feet from ground .The tree was such tender to an angry bison,which the beast could floor only with a loving hug. Francis was not looking at us. He was visibly frightened and trembling. His fully opened eyes focused to our previously right hand side,in such a manner that  seemed his eye balls may jump out from holes any time. We followed his scared vision. My God! The beast; standing tall and straight at an angular distance of not more than thirty five feet from us.His fiery big red eyes pointed on us directly.The distance was such within his striking range,that if he strikes? We could barely get a chance to move.Nonsense,we were so engaged on left,and add to our inexperience of tracking down an wild beast brought us in that fatal position. "Don't move" whispered Dulal da. Foots nailed  a true sense of fear to die gripped me through, felt a lump in my throat. There was no body besides hanging Francis,within two fifty meters of us. Who could made fruitful attempts to save us.On the main road two fifty meters from us hundreds of laborers were lined including my Dad. Pin drop silence,an uneasy silence loomed large over the theater.They quite understood that a slightest noise from them, would provoke the the beast to kill us.Helplessly they were looking at us.We were standing like statues.The next moment saw the beast moving, heading perpendicularly to us to the lane.Slowly reached the lane,stood head on to us at a distance of about thirty feet. Upped his head trying to take our smells.What a sight! Morning sun light on that gigantic muscular body, slipping down from shiny black wet skin,dazzling white socks in all his four legs up to the knee.Big threatening horns at a radius of at least two feet, thick grey hairs on head and fore head,measuring almost five feet at shoulder.Nature was at its very best. No matter how dangerous that was.The valorous divine beauty with that much show of power was truly unforgettable. For a moment i was lost to it. "Heiss-Heiss" a thick gruff dreadful sound of anger brought me to life. Bewildered to found that the beast lowered his head, horns pointing to us. Front right hoof incessantly pounding and scratching the earth, tails up. He was about to launch his assault on us in a moment.  No way we will die,saw the picture of death in front of me.Believed i am going to die, eyes closed.Mom where you were? Tears came off abundantly.Legs  were becoming weak fell on the back of Dulal da,bye. "BAANAANH" a loud sound bellowed loudly, in that nick of time form behind the bison.It was a domestic buffalo grazing some fifty meters away from the beast.The beast turned back in a flash,and released like a bullet from the barrel. Within no time charged the buffalo. The poor buffalo saved our life,but couldn't survive from the charging demon. ThankGod. .http://nirupam62.blogspot.in/2012/02/unforgettable.html#more


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