Photos Of Princess Uttara of Cooch Behar & Maharani of Kota

Uttara Devi seen talking to her ladies party guests,at her palace at Kota, Behind her in pink lehenga her D-in-lawKalpana

 She is the last living member of ruling ancient Narayana dynasty of Cooch Behar.It will be much unfortunate that after her the direct linkage with the dynasty,will be extinct. Daughter of prince Indrajitendra Narayan ; and princess Kamala of Pithapuram.She is the present Rani Sahiba of Kota, Rajasthan, w/o multifaceted human Maharaja Brijraj Sing  of Kota.
Newly wedded Uttara,Princess of Cooch Behar

Maharaja Brijraj Sing and Maharani Uttara Devi

In grihaprabesh ceremony at Kota

Seen greeting the invitees of her ladies party on the eve of Navarati festival 2013, at Kota,with her daughter-in law Kalpanadevi

In her teens


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