Story of an unknown Indian-4

saw many people moving hastily towards east, beyond his school.It was just 7/7.30 am, at the start of December.when the grasses in the field starts twinkling in morning sun,thanks to the overnight due resting on their tip,before drying away soon. Winter was not chilling yet on those areas;rather was giving a sigh of relief from scorching Indian summer.It was maintenance time for any Tea garden of that region. As the main job of plucking of Tea leaves halted.During this period all the work force were diverted to the maintenance of the gardens. That day also started like any other maintenance day. laborers were gearing up to enter a certain section of the garden, for raking,weeding manuring etc, armed with plain shovels,fingered shovels and kalam churis(a sharp cutting tool of special shape, to cut and trim tea branches.This helps growing of new shoots filled with caffeine).The time when winter starts in those regions,always a pleasant time,a festive tune seem rang silently in the ear always.In such a very good morning situation,the young groom who came in that area for just a month or so.Went out for his class rooms,after drinking a cup of loveble tea,prepared by his loving new bride. Being a fashionable Bengali youth of that time.Do you know?What was his attire?Snow white fine dhoti with evenly matched fine cotton punjabi,a parker pen in book pocket,glasskit pump shoes.He was happily moving towards his school humming a favorite Tagore song.
The noise was like bolt from blue to him, and simultaneous view of hastily moving laborers,his adrenalin glands begun pumping fast.That put him in utter tension for a very possible adventure. He loudly asked "what happened?"But there were no body in mood to answer his question,except only one who just replied 'Leopard'. For a moment he was in a fix, to found what to do?Should he proceed with them or not?
As he was thinking like that,received a gentle pat on his back.He turned to found that Mr. AjitG Asst. manager was standing right behind him,with his double barrell cordite rifle fully loaded in his hands.
Have you seen an angry wild leopard before?Ajit G asked him gently. 'No' he replied.
Do you want to see it now? 'Yes'he replied.
Can you gauge the risk involved in it? 'No Sir' this will be my first time. He replied.
What happened Sir? he asked to Mr. Ajit G................contd. wait for next post.


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